Saturday, September 5, 2009

[Trans]"Heavenly Postman" Telecinema To Screen In September

so it's Heaven's postman or Heavenly Postman????o.O

The Korean-Japan Telecinema have garnered attention as it will hit the screens of cinemas in September.

The television broadcasting company Samhwa Networks collaborated with 7 popular television series scriptwriters and Hallyu stars.

The telecinema, which consists of 7 parts, will have it's first screening on 18 September, in Seoul (T/N: University's Name) Auditorium.

The 7-part telecinema, which includes "Heavenly Postman" which was co-starred by TVXQ member Hero Jaejoong and Hallyu idol Han Hyo Joo, started filming in October last year until now, and most of the filming and editing have been wrapped up. Under the watchful eyes of people from Korea, Japan and South-East Asia, the first cut screening was also held.

With the airing of this telecinema, it will cause the fans of Hallyu in Japan, South East Asia and Asia to go wild again.

Source: [DNBN + MAZE]
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