Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[News/Trans] 5 Box Set Sold Out Immediately!!

yaaahh i want some T___T
even they have to pre-order first??o-ow....
hope the box set will reach my country!! XDD

Bigeast Report on Pinky:

PINKY Ranking Top 5 at Yahoo Online Shopping.090904:

Pinky Premier Box Set Sold Out!

Pinky premier sells item of the 5 BOX set with the "TVXQ box" sold out!
It was sold at but it was sold out as soon as it went on sell. ^^
(This one is about USA $50 + tax & shppping fee. )

Japanse Fans Buying PINKY by The BOX:

You see, I would go to the convenience stores often on to purchase Pinky Candy to support our TVXQ,
so it is much easier and better to buy them by the box.
And I need to buy the box to get my TVXQ photos anyways. ^^

I went to the store A to buy three kinds of fruit mint PINKY box set. And at the store B,
I ordered the grape taste. And at the convinience store C, I purchased lemon mint box set. ^^
Yes, you can call it an adult way of shopping candies. lol

When the new PINKY item will go on sell, I will definitely buy them by the box.

Eco Freindly TVXQ! No Boxes Are Left at The Stores!

I am so lucky, my mom works at the grocery store,
I asked her to bring all empty PINKY boxes home,
so that I can share with my friends.

When I was buying PINKY by the box, a girl at the store asked me if I am a TVXQ fan,
and she gave me one empty PINKY box! How lucky I am!!

(T/N) The stores will have no empty Pinky box going to a trash box.
All eco freindly Japanese companies should hire TVXQ as their main CM Characters. ^^
Umm...I wish I could taste one of these....

The Taste of PINKY:

I normally do not like candies, but when I tasted PINKY, it was quite good to my surprise!
The ones I tasted were; lemon herb, peach mint and grape mint, I liked the grape mint the best.

Lemon Herb: Not too sweet. Light taste.
Peace Mint: Really tasty with the fresh taste.
Grape Mint: Has addictive smell and taste.

When I brought them to my office and gave them to my co-workers, they all loved these candies.
I can not wait to taste the new version of PINKY soft candies. I already pre-ordered them by the box.

I love grape mint and my husband said that he likes the Lemon Herb the most.
New PINKY soft candy:
Not on sell yet. On sell in Octorber 09. ^^
Bigeast are buying pre-sells candies by the box. lol

Pre-order Sells of Pinky Candy Ranking #1 and #2 @ Yahoo Shopping! 090916

And here is what is happening right now at the Yahoo Online Shopping's Candy section. Daily and Wekly sells are the same. From #1~#7 are all PINKY!

TVXQ will have another CM offer right away for sure!! Good going Bigeast!! Thumbs UP!
(Yahoo Online Shopping is one of the biggest online sells store in Japan. ^^)

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