Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[TRANS] 090830 Ko-san's blog, Mentions the Lawsuit...with Love!

PLEASE DO READ THE A/N OF THE TRANSLATOR, if you found some wrong spellings or such.

A/N: Again, except for the first time he mentions Tohoshinki, he always mentions the boys as "they" (彼ら). People have asked why he doesn't mention them by name and it's like... it's weird mentioning them by name all the time in Japanese? Everyone obviously knows he means Tohoshinki when he says "them" or "they." It sounds more personal, more intimate, because there's the implication that we all share the knowledge of who and what these people (DBSK) are.

Another thing is that what I translated as, "their existence can't be traded for all the money in the world," has my own spin put onto it. The more literal version would be something more like, "their current existence is something irreplacable." Let me know if you think my version sounds too political & as if Ko-san's like, trying to insert a subliminal message in there against SM (cus he's not). LOL.

ALSO! All spelling mistakes (the ones in the wonky font/colored font) is by Ko-san who wrote them ORIGINALLY in English! Heheh I decided to keep it the way it was (the "appriciate" hehe) because I thought it was really cute. biggrin.gif)

I LOVE, LOVE Ko-san so much. He says all the things I am SO sure the boys want to say, but can't say because of the lawsuit. I love how much Ko-san loves and appreciates life, how much he LOVES and appreciates the boys. Ko-san I GIVE YOU A BIG FAT GIANT HEART!!!


End of summer


I'm so glad that it ended with us standing on this stage with the super awesome weather and no big injuries!
All the staff, all the fans,


and and

I was thinking of all the people who read this blog but couldn't come today when I was dancing for Summer Dream.

Today we high-fived a lot! I was always looking at Tohoshinki while I was behind them dancing "stand by u" and my heart felt so excited and moved. Almost to the point where I thought that Gen-chan could see from a good place hahah! (A/N: he means that Gen-chan, probably one of the other backup dancers, had a good view of the performance even though he couldn't see Tohoshinki's faces.)

My fighting spirit also naturally raised.

And the last thing I really want to say today is
I love the staff, I LOVE them (Tohoshinki)
More than anything, this dancer (me), loves them.

I'm truly, completely happy to be able to stand on the stage together with them.

Up until now, there have been various things that have happened, but when we have a tour again, we will raise above those issues and give birth to our teamwork.

Their existence right now is something that can't be traded for all the money in this world.


Summer's ending and fall is starting huh?
I'm so happy that I was able to make such great memories.

Wellllllllll let's start.
Dont stop!

Always we will be

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