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[Trans] 090916 Pinky Mint Tablets and Descriptions

TVXQ recently filmed a new CM for Pinky and it can be viewed at their website. There are two kinds; cooling fruit-flavoured (SHINKI ITTEN) and hard mint (White Breath).
Please enjoy!
There are Peach Mint, Grape Mint, Lemon Herb, Silver Menthol and Blue Menthol.

All five are currently on sale. Peach Mint, Grape Mint and Lemon Herb are more suitable for females because of the cooling fruity flavour. Furthermore, the designs are very pretty. Putting it into your bag after buying it will make you feel youthful.
Whereas Alaska Mint: Silver Menthol and Blue Menthol, have just been released into the market. You could feel a gush of cool when you open the box, and would really want to pop one into your mouth.


*Peach Mint*
Compared to the previous one, the current Peach Mint tastes more like fruit juice and there will be a cooling effect. Although it isn't as thrilling as the hard mint, the cool feeling really makes people feel comfortable. The manufacturer did a great job by combining fruits and mints together.

*Grape Mint*
The current Grape Mint must have tasted good, since among all Pinky mint flavours, Morita likes Grape Mint the most. The Grape Mint is filled with grape juice, with the taste of sweet grapes; it's as if you're eating real grapes.

*Lemon Herb*
There's a new companion to the fruit-flavoured mints: Lemon Herb! Lemon makes people think of sour things, but Lemon with Herb will let you enjoy a sweet taste, and the refreshing lemon will make you be in a better mood! Furthermore, with a selection of only six kinds of herbs, you will feel more matured. The mint's refreshing feeling is great!


*Silver Menthol*
This is the first time Pinky joined in to create the Hard Mint series. Silver Menthol lets people enjoy a feeling as if they're at Alaska's grassy fields, stimulating one's taste buds. Your nose will feel as if it's breathing in mint. "Stimulating Cold Wind" will blow your dreamland away. It's a important item for "those who attend important functions but are prone to dozing off."

*Blue Menthol*
This is also released into the market recently. As though Alaska's streams, Blue Menthol has the same kind of (stimulating) effect as Silver Menthol. Although it's soda-flavoured, the taste is not as stimulating as Silver Menthol, and it's accepted by more people compared to Silver Menthol.

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