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[Trans] 090902 National Soccer Player Cho Jae-Jin's Surprise Visit To U-know Yunho

In order to show his support to turned-actor Jung Yunho, national soccer player Cho Jae-Jin paid a surprise visit to the filming location of the drama.

The new MBC production "Heading To The Ground" held their surprise activity at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on 31 August, attended by music fans and FC Seoul supporters.

Just by looking at the registration for the "Heading To The Ground" activity, you can already tell what the situation would have been like. Even though the filming time for that day was 7.30pm, the music fans gathered at the stadium 3-4 hours beforehand to wait anxiously for the production crew. Furthermore, it did not only attract fans who were 10-20 years old, even 40-50 year olds who were soccer fanatics were also attracted.

The fans who were dressed and seated according to instructions, burst out into wild cheering when they saw Yunho, who acts as Cha Bong-gun, practicing with his team members. Jung Yunho and the production staff sent their regards and thanks to the fans who were gathered in the audience.

For the sake of the fans who attended, Jung Yunho circled the stadium once, waving his hands and giving his thanks, and showed his humble attitude as a new actor, and professed his passion for the TV drama.

The filming for that day was to depict the scene where Cha Bong-gun, who had already joined FC Seoul, has his first match due to the injury of another team member. In this scene, he had to naturally portray the tension and excitement of a competition. In order to show their support, the fans who were seated in the audience specially followed the instructions of the leader for the FC Seoul fanclub, and gave the appropriate response whenever a goal was made, or when a player left or entered the field. It resulted in a magnificent scene.

Jung Yunho, who was appearing in front of the fans as a soccer player for the first time, did not leave the location even when there were no scenes for him. Instead, he did stretching or practiced his soccer moves, and did his best to show his soccer abilities.

A highlight of that day was that Yunho's close friend Cho Jae-Jin, a national soccer player, paid a surprise visit to the filming location to show his support for Jung Yunho. As they didn't make any plans before then, so not only Jung Yunho, but all the fans and staff were pleasantly surprised as well.

Cho Jae-Jin said, "I've always had a close relationship with Yunho, and when he first heard that he would be acting as a soccer player in a drama he asked me to teach him soccer; but since we were both busy, it didn't happen and I feel really apologetic about that. But I came immediately even though I just returned from a match in Japan and when I heard that he was filming today, and I also wanted to see Yunho's soccer skills." He also said, "I was never worried about Yunho who is very good in sports. It looks like he's doing well."

"Heading To The Ground" is a drama depicting the love story that develops between the talented soccer player Cha Bong-gun and the soccer agent Kang Hae Bin, who has everything but experience; their love story growing from many misunderstandings between the two. It shows the poor yet passionate Cha Bong-gun, and shows his miraculous victories in his hard life. This drama starts airing on 9 September.

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