Friday, September 4, 2009

[Trans] 090901 Popular Group Tohoshinki as Spokespersons! Giving an Entirely New Look to Pinky!

Frente International Pte Ltd, a sub-company of FRENTE (Japan), changed the packaging of their top-selling brand [Pinky], giving it a completely new look. Starting from 7th September (Monday), [Pinky] can be found at all subway and convenience shops, and from 14th September (Monday) onwards at all department stores throughout the whole nation. Ever since 1997, [Pinky] has always been the top seller in the confectionery market.

This time around, they even gave a different look for its product packaging, which is based on the preferences of females. In order to give a refreshing feeling, aside from keeping its naturally fruity taste, the designer had increased the dosage of mint for a better sensation in the mouth. In addition, there will be a new range of [Alaska Mint] for [Pinky] candy. [Alaska Mint] is based on the likings of male, a candy of 6mm in size which provides a better mouth feel.

New [Pinky] candy comes in five different flavours: [Peach Mint], [Grape Mint], [Lemon Herb], [Alaska Mint Silver], [Alaska Mint Blue].

Information regarding TV advertisement:

[White Breath] of [SHINKI ITTEN] TV advertisement will be aired on 7th September 2009 on [Pinky] official website. On top of that, the web limited version of ‘The Making of the CM and Interview' will also be released.

For more information please visit [Pinky] Official website at

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