Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anycall Haptic Cell

I can smell some love triangle here!!!
Yunho-tiffany-jaejoong!!!!. sorry tiffany but yunjae grows in my heart!!

i must say yoona and yoochun look so good together.
and i just love their pictures. especially the one when yoochun was leaning to yoona and he looks to yoona
and yoona looks to him with a smile!!!!!!!!!!. oh i love it!!!

Green_milk, now i know why hanako isn't replying to us. Maybe she saw the pictures of jessica with changmin.
and she's sad about it. Hanako, don't worry changmin loves you. LOL





UHB Ekiniji

credits: beccary@soompi

Here's the video. sorry to say but there are no subs.


But I Love You (fanvid, yunjae)

This Fanvid of Yunjae really made me cry!
this is not an ordinary love story of them. how could such people kill these kinds of people just because of their sexuality.
Seriously, watch this it will make you cry so hard!
i just remembered i'm a crybaby.LOL.

Part 1

Part 2



Leeteuk eating paper.


he looks really wasted here!. oppa get some rest will you??
P.S. paper is for writing stuffs not for your hungry



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heechul's Bus

I guess this was way way back.
But what the heck, its still cute!.
I could remember the days when i will watch his commercials with SPRIS.lolXD



I've done 22/42 stupid things

I've tagged by HEIDY my


Mark with a “X” the stupid things you have experienced, and when you post it, the title must be “i’ve done (the number you get) of stupid things”.

You must write in their guestbooks to the people you tag that they have been tagged max. 10 tagged ppl.

1-[ ] Your bubblegum falls when you talk
2-[ ] Your bubblegum has fallen off your mouth though you are not speaking
3-[ x ] You have hit with a door or something transparent
4-[ ] You have thrown yourself off a moving vehicle.
5-[ x ] You have thought in something funny, start laughing about it and ppl stare at you weirdly XD
6-[ ] You have hit with a tree while walking
7-[ ] It’s possible to lick your elbow
8-[ x ] When you read this you tried to lick it
9-[ ] You have never noticed that the “abc song” and twinkle twinkle little star have the same tone
10-[ ] When you read no.9 you sang them
11-[ x ] You have tripped with your shoelaces.
12-[ x ] You have chocked with your own saliva.
13-[ ] You have watched the matrix movie and didn’t understand it it
14-[ x ] You didn’t notice that I repeated the word “it” in the previous number
15-[ x ] You have just returned to see if it was true
16-[ ] Your hair is blond or dark-blond
17-[ x ] People have called you slow
18-[ ] You have set fire to something accidentally
19-[ x ] Sometimes you leave your mouth open without thinking
20-[ ] You have fallen asleep during class.
21-[ x ] Sometimes you stop thinking

22-[ x ] Sometimes you forget what you were talking about
23-[ ] People stares at you weirdly and go away from you
24-[ ] Very often you are told to listen the little voice in your head
26-[ ] You use your fingers to do simple substractions or sums
27-[ x ] You have eaten an insect.(is balot counted?!?. balot is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. I think no, since a duck is an me)
28-[ ] You are doing this while you were supposed to be doing smthng important
29-[ x ] You have wore your clothes wrong side
30-[ x ] You have looked for smthng and it was in your hand all the time
31-[ ] You send chain mails becoz you are afraid of those things happening
32-[ x ] You lose stuff very easily and often.
33-[ ] Your friends know that they shouldn’t use long words while speaking with you.
34-[ x ] You hit your head with your hand when you get confused.
35-[ ] You have fell of the chair.
36-[ x ] When you are laying on your bed staring at the roof you try to find figures in the roof’s texture.
36-[ ] You repeat too often “ummmm..” when you’re speaking.
37-[ x ] You are afraid of smthng very very stupid
38-[ x ] It’s hard to count the “x” you got.

TOTAL 1: 11

39-[ x ] You had to count again
40-[ x ] You are asking why does it says 'TOTAL 1:11'
41-[ x ] You didn’t notice that no.36 was written twice and they are really stupid things

ive done 22/42 stupid things!
i don't know if that's stupid or

you're tag:

*really sorry for tagging you people, just following the XD


Jejung in Sapporo Talk event

I found jejung's pictures in sapporo talk event!. woohoo!!
now i need to find yuchun's and junsu!


L Magazine

Are they hot or what???.
of course they are HOT.
look at yunho's eyes, i can feel the stare!!!. i think he is staring at jejung.LOL
Look at jejung's lips!!. kissable much!?!!?. gaaahhh



got this from noor!

1) when do i want to get married?
maybe aroung 25 or 26?.lol. too early?

2) what i want the most now?
money. Too greedy??!?!.lol. at least i can buy all the stuffs that i want

3) who is the person you trust the most?
my bestfriends and God

4) do you think you have enough confidence?
I think so. LOL

5) if you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
i have too many dreams. For now to meet in person DBSK and SUJU. And patch up things with my cousin
6) do you believe seeing a rainbow after the rain?
yeah. It just rained and there’s a rainbow.LOL

7) what are you afraid to lose that right now?.
if i’m going materialistic: cellphone,laptop,ipod.... if not materialistic: my family and my bestfriends
8) do you believe in eternity love?
i think so. Come on being STILL in love for almost 3 years?!?!

9) if you meet someone you love,will you confess to him/her?

I’ll let him confess. If he asks me then i’ll tell him!.LOL

10) list out 3 good points of the person who tagged you..
nice,inlove with leeteuk. sweet

11) what are the requirements do you wish from the other half?


12) what type pf person you hate the most?
bitches. Lol. Backstabber,plastic...too many to mention

13) do you cherish every friendship of yours?
of course!!!

14) do you believe in god?
yep. Did i just wrote God in here?!?!

15) what do you think the most important thing in your life?

Everything!. My loves, my family, my friends, relatives. Everybody!! DBSK and SUJU. How could i even forget!??!

16) do you find the needs to have a boyfriend?
how could i need someone if i’m still recuperating from my previous one!?!?!?.

17) at this point of time, would you rather be a heartbreaker or heartbroken?
i’m like heartbroken. But if would choose, i’ll choose heartbreaker. At least i wil not feel anything.

18) what kind of friend do you want to be in your friend's eye?

Every positvie trait that he/she could imagine.lmao!.

19) describe the person who tag you in 6 words...
sweet, inlove with leeteuk, nice, caring

20) the place you wanted to go most with your loved ones.
Japan,Korea, Rome, L.A....too many to mention!!

Sapporo Talk Event

Sorry, can't seem to find junsu, yoochun and jejung.
If i do find them i'll post it right away! promise!