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[PHOTOS] DBSK Yunho Model for Evisu F/W 09



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[PHOTO] 090731 Nikkan Sports – Yunho


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[Video] 090731 Making of MBC 'Heading to the Ground' drama

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[INFO] Colors~ Melody & Harmony




COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ (CD)
Price: ¥1,050

COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ (CD + DVD)
Price: ¥1,890

CD Japan

COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ (CD)
Price: ¥1,000

COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ (CD + DVD)
Price: ¥1,800

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[Wallpaper] TVXQ Lotte Duty Free - August '09 Calendar

800 x 600



1024 x 768



1280 x 1024



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[PHOTOS] Stalking TVXQ at Korea




















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[PHOTOS] Junsu Xiahtic Shoes





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[TRANS] Nikkan Sports Daily: Changmin’s Interview


Dream to be News Reporter

Changmin (21) is a member who is in charge of “tight” talks in TV program. The youngest member in group, yet the person who takes care the solidness of group (collects important details).

The manager said, “When the other members’ opinion are disjointed, Changmin is the one who unites all the pieces. To take a baseball term… he’s the ‘pinch’.”

Changmin loves to watch sports, in elementary school, he had a dream to be a sports reporter. Even until now, he’s still taking sometime to check on news about baseball and soccer.

When he’s asked about Yakult’s team Lim Chang-Yong, he answered a lot about him, “I know much, right?” with smile.

“To be called as the “pinch” of the team, it’s delightful, however I guess all members also acts like that.” he said shyly.

His father is a Korean teacher, he grew up in a hard working family. Therefore he definitely had no experience in entertainment industry. Changmin was scouted when he’s still in junior high, through his current agency’s audition. “There’s a force that pushed me to follow the audition. Since entertainment is not a world that is close with my family, previously, my parents opposed my decision.” he said.

At the early days of Tohoshinki’s formation, he really felt the age gap among the members. “They’re all just like my seniors. But recently, eventhough we have 1-2 year age gap, we just feel like ordinary friends.”

The 5 members are living together in the same house, and he’s using the living room for sleeping with Junsu (T/N: can I say… LOL LOL LOL??). “The other 3 members and manager just like to walk in and out the living room. I’m happy, but when I need time for myself, I’ll take a walk outside.”

Continue to challenge actively

Because the dream to be on Tokyo Dome stage is already reached, the next goal is to have one million copies sold. In the middle of recession like this, 1 million copies sales seems to be impossible. “The dream of all artists, to perform in front of 100,000 audiences, I’m so glad. But to have 1 million CD sales, I will be even happier.”

If you have a chance to challenge the actor business in Japan

“All members are active in that challenge, I want to do a lot of things people do. If I never come to Japan, I will never think that way. Maybe to perform in other countries wont be bad as well, I just want to do something. We’re all still young, even we might get failed, we would like to challenge as much as possible.”

Changmin with positive thinking, heading to the next dream

Choikang Changmin’s Profile:

- Born February 18th, 1988
- The youngest member
- Tenor
- 186 cm, 61 kg
- Blood type B

- we get along together, when there’s trouble, we’ll like to do brothers talk to each other.

If not become Tohoshinki?
- A news reporter. My childhood dream.

- eating. I’m confidence with my eating ability.

Favorite singer?
- MISIA. A great expressive voice and is so attractive.

Strong and weak point?
- My strong point is my high height. I introduce myself as “Changmin, the tallest member in TVXQ.”
My weak point is I’m shy. Eventhough everyday I meet a lot of people, I have to say something but always ended in silence.

source: Nikkan Sports
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[Poll] Which male idol group member has the best body?


With the hot summer, the season for ‘revealing’, many boy groups which have emphasized on the image of ‘young boys’ previously are all coming out with the masculine image instead.

Which member of from idol groups Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, 2PM and 2AM has the best body?

Firstly for 2PM, the ‘team’s sexy guy’ JaeBum is known for his good built. Also known as an exercise-maniac, JaeBum has toned out a good body through exercising and acrobatic training. Especially for his chocolate 6 packs, he has a special trainer to build them up to a music built.

Next Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo has also received great reviews from fans about his built. He sticks with the toned and lean built which is very much amplified through his powerful and charismatic dance steps on stage.

2AM SeulOng and Big Bang SeungRi are some of the younger members coming out to show off their built this summer, being very successful in changing their image to the sexy image.

Seeing these muscles and great built, netizens say, “It just feel like a man”, “The face and their great sexiness (not over doing it) is their charms” etc.


For the Koreans, they vote:

1. 2PM JaeBum
2. DBSK UKnow YunHo
3. Big Bang SeungRi
4. 2AM SeulOng

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[TRANS] 090730 TVXQ - Five People, Five Colors. Together And Apart... Separation into Acting-Duets


Solo Activities for the second half of the year

The members are morphing into actors with U-Know Yunho in 'Heading to the Ground,' Choikang Changmin in the romantic drama 'Paradise Ranch' amd YoungWoong Jaejoong in 'Heaven's Postman.'

YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be performing as a duet taking on the Japanese market, and Xiah Junsu is currently undecided on what he should do.

'YoungWoong Jaejoong, U-Know Yunho and now Choikang Changmin...'


'Together but apart at the same time' is starting off with U-Know Yunho. MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground,' which will begin aring on September 9th, will include Yunho as the main character Cha Bong-goon, a man who has overcome hardships. The group's youngest member Choikang Changmin is also taking on acting. He was cast in 'Paradise Ranch' which will begin filming late August in Jeju Island and he'll be juggling singing and acting at the same time.

'Paradise Ranch' is being co-produced by SM Entertainment and Samhwa Networks, a famous drama production company. The two companies will be showing the drama in Korea later this year and are also planning to air it in Japan as well as other Eastern Asian countries.

YoungWoong Jaejoong finished filming for his drama early this year. YoungWoong Jaejoong was cast as the lead role in he Omniverse drama 'Telecinema''s 'Heaven's Postman' and he worked with Han Hyojoo. 'Heaven's Postman' is set to air on SBS in October.

The TVXQ members' transformation into actors was in the spotlight this year. People in the business said this was due to the fact that because of the thick fan base of TVXQ, they could probably gain a lot of interest even just by being in one episode.

The change in their music-related activities has changed too. YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be working as a duet in Japan under the name 'Jejung and Yuchun from TVXQ.' In early July, they sang a duet song 'Colors, Melody and Harmony' at the Tokyo Dome during their concert. They will record this song and release it in September and will be having tv-appearances to advertise their new song. This song has been gaining a lot of attention as it was set as the theme song for the 'Hello Kitty' 35th anniversary.

Xiah Junsu is still considering his choices which include a solo album. A representative of SM stated, "Xiah Junsu was actually the first to go solo with the 2007 Mobile Phone CF 'Anyband'." He also said, "He is considering his choices between Korea and Japan and is trying to choose sometime that will show his many talents."

On another note, it seems that the fans opinions on these solo activities are mostly positive. In the internet fan cafe 'Cassiopeia' and TVXQ's official website, many different opinions on the members' solo activities can be seen and many of them say, "We hope they are respected as actors as much as they are as singers."

Reporter Lee Hyeri

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[TRANS] 090730 U-Know Yunho-Ara 'Heading To The Ground' First Script Reading Session



MBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground' (Script by Kim Sol Ji, Kim Yeh ji/ Directed by Park Sungsoo) kicked off with its first script run through.

The run through was held on the 25yh in the Ilsan Dream Center's sixth floor Script rehearsal Room. Director Park Sungsoo, Writer Kim Sol Ji, U-Know Yunho, Go Ara, Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Yunji were there reading their scripts.

The lead roles could be seen working dilligently to not miss a single letter in their scripts. These people included U-Know Yunho who plays Cha Bong-goon, a soccer player who is extremely passionate and warm-hearted, and Go Ara who plays Kang Haebin, the daughter of an owner of a sports team who wants to become succesful without the help of her father.

One MBC representative who was there said, "U-Know Yunho, who came to The Ilsan Dream Center Script Rehearsal Room as soon as he came back from Japan, didn't just read his script. He caught the essence of his character very well and he acted as if they were actually filming. He put in a 100% effort when it came to emotions and was very passionate about his role. When the director read out the action directions, U-Know Yunho did not only listen to them carefully, but he also acted the scenes out."

He also added that. "Even though this was a rehearsal, he acted out Bong-goon's character with confidence whether he was supposed to be joking around or yelling because he was angry."

U-Know Yunho, in a bid to fully understand his character, called Writer Kim Sol Ji when he was in Japan and talked for six hours on the phone delving into his character and asking questions.

'Heading to the Ground' is a romantic love story about the misunderstandings that occur between Cha Bong-goon, a man who is passionate, and Kang Haebin, a girl who has everything but wishes to succed by her own abilities. It is also a Humanism drama about Cha Bong-goon who has three near-death experiences but still strives to live life to the best.

StarToday Reporter Lee Hyunwoo

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[ADMIN POST] Vote for Echonkz & Sinsoto!

Our beloved authors, Heidy-- who goes by the name of Echonkz, and Sinsoto are participating in the Seoul Infinity Dream Contest! Echonkz has uploaded TWO videos, both are covers of some of our favorite songs: "Box in the Ship" & "Beautiful Thing" by TVXQ. Sinsoto's entry is a Karaoke cover of Tohoshinki's "STAND BY U". Please vote for both of our authors! They're amazing people with a heaping load of potential. Thank you, our lovely readers!

Echonkz's entries:

Vote for Video #1- "Box in the Ship": Here

Vote for Video #2- "Beautiful Thing": Here

's Entry:

Vote for her video- "STAND BY U" (Karaoke Cover): Here

You can view others' video entries here.
**Remember to click the "Discussion" tab next to the "Info" tab under their entries to cast your votes!**

We need your help to cheer them on. Let's support them everyone! We appreciate your vote! We love you guys.

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[PHOTOS] Yunho getting ready for his Drama Debut!

Jung Yunho, Go Ara, Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Yoon Ji are getting prepared for their upcoming drama
"Heading to the ground". (will be aired in September)(ooooh I can't wait!)

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[VIDEO] Sinsoto's - Stand By U Karaoke

Hi everyone.It's me sinsoto!
I posted this up because I really want to enter that Seoul Infinite Dream concert Contest to meet DBSK Super Junior and Girls Generation. I don't think I will win but I want to try my hardest! I was also wondering if you all would help support me? I have no clue on how to enter it in the contest so if anyone could help me that would be GREAT!
oh and happy late birthday Juliana!

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[News] The Scramble Dramas of Young Idol TVXQ

Group TVXQ has announced their second half year plan.

Out of 5 TVXQ members, the three of them: U-Know Yunho, Hero Jaejoong, and Choikang Changmin have at once declared their appearance in local drama.

On July 28th, SM Entertainment said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Choikang Changmin’s drama, “Paradise Ranch (Paradise Meadow)” will be broadcast at the end of August this year. Next one is the lead actor of September, U-Know Yunho whose drama “Heading to The Ground” will be broadcast. While in October, Youngwoong Jaejoong’s SBS Tele Cinema “Heaven’s Postman” is airing.

3 Actors, Exploding Interest

Being so long focusing both in local and foreign music record activities, the announcement of 3 members at once to become actors is somehow unusual.

Moreover, for Yunho and Jaejoong are officially known to be the first time appearing in formal TV drama therefore gathering a lot of focus and attention. (T/N: Changmin’s drama still has SM in it taking role in production, thus is considered as non-formal drama)

Being compared with other idol groups such as SNSD and Big Bang, their debut steps in acting department is considered a bit late. In 5 years of being singers, there has been a careful talk about deciding to take additional experience as an actor, and feedbacks both from members and staffs were coordinated.

In the end, the final decision of this acting debut is for a belief that there will be explosive reactions from fans.

Applying YoonA’s Case

SNSD’s YoonA, who comes from the same agency as TVXQ, whose previous dramas are getting success is somehow a force for TVXQ.

From KBS 1 family drama last year, “You Are My Destiny” that became a big hit and led to YoonA’s recent MBC drama “Cinderella Man” which shows the range acting of her that gathers a lot of audiences from all kinds of age groups which proves her successful.

The judgment of whether TVXQ can or can’t be “Men YoonA” is decided next.

However, eventhough the broadcasting is still in progress, yet to see the brand value of TVXQ itself to drama area, a ripple effect potential seems to be undoubted.

TVXQ’s Brand Power. Full Wave is Appearing.

On 28th, meeting KBS drama writer, “To couple TVXQ’s characters in drama with relatively popular actresses such as Han Hyo Joo and Go Ara is a prudent decision.” he said. “It will creates a positive effects.”

A more simple speculation was done.

An entertainment person concerned, “TVXQ is an idol group with most local fans. In a drama, you literally can not ignore the power of brands. Fans will definitely watch their dramas and that’s a strong competitive factor other dramas don’t have.”

B entertainment person pointed the wave to effect the result, “They’re building image to TVXQ fans in Korean market about the young idol ‘is trying to make a turn to opposite direction’ ” he added, “These three people will be coming out simultaneously, the ripple effect undoubtedly could be doubled more.”

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[INFO] CLUB DAM Mobile Ringtone Ranking

CLUB DAM Mobile Ringtone Ranking


 1位 浜崎あゆみ (AYUMI HAMASAKI)
    Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~(1サビver.)[うた]

 2位 浜崎あゆみ

    Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~(大サビver.)[うた]

 3位 浜崎あゆみ

    Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~(1メロver.)[うた]

 4位 B'z


 5位 木村カエラ


 6位 前回1位

    JUNSU from 東方神起


 7位 前回4位


 8位 前回2位

    YUNHO from 東方神起


 9位 前回7位



 10位 浜崎あゆみ

     Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~(3サビver.)[うた]

Source: xiahyu-ri @ameblo
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[Photos] Stalker Photos of Jung Yunho while filming Heading to the Ground

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