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[TRANS] 090722 TVXQ: Children Who Are Growing While Holding On To Their "First Feelings"

Two years ago, this reporter had a short meeting with the father of TVXQ member, Kim Junsu. This year, on 14 July, at the Beijing press conference of the product that Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun invested in, this reporter greeted Mr Kim (T/N: Junsu's father), and although he was really busy on that day, he took my hand and said, "I still remember you. For the 3 children's event today, I'll be counting on your support."

In the past 2 years, there have been very few one-to-one interviews with TVXQ within China; as their popularity keeps growing, the company's requirements also become more strict, and unpleasant news and rumours also become something that they have to bear with as their popularity ascends. Even their parents have to be prepared in case they are faced with unpleasant situations.

The 3 members were unable to attend the press conference held on the 14th. On that day, Kim Junsu's father was continuously busy with matters pertaining to the conference, but whenever the Chinese fans came up to him, he always patiently fulfilled their requests. Park Yoochun's mom was sitting quietly at one corner the whole time, but under encouragement from Mr Kim, she got up and bowed to everyone, and said some thanks... Because of TVXQ, they've also been placed under the spotlight just like other stars, but in truth, they are just ordinary parents, who work extraordinarily hard.

From their honest and kind parents, you can also see the likeness of the 5 members of TVXQ within them.


・Regarding disbanding
Reporter:Previously, there were news of TVXQ disbanding floating around the Internet. This time, the 3 members did not attend the press conference, is it related to the rumours of disbanding?
Mr Kim: Haha. It's actually simply because of their schedules in Japan. They are always very busy when they are in Korea, leaving Korea and going into Japan, their schedules are just as busy, and they have a lot of work to do. As their father, my heart aches for them sometimes, but TVXQ's families are all the same, we will always understand them by looking at it from a different point of view. It's precisely because they are stars, that they are so busy, that they have to live under the eyes of others, that there will be all kinds of news, both good and bad... This is their job. As far as I know, they have been carrying out their schedules as per normal, up until now, I've not heard of any change among the TVXQ members. Where did you hear of such news?

Reporter: It was from online news; said to be reported from the Korean media.
Mr Kim: Korea is the same, especially for Internet news, there are accurate news and news that are inaccurate or wrong. Regarding the news of disbanding, we are unaware of it right now (T/N: he means to ask the reporter to not make hasty decisions about it)

・About the fans
Reporter: In China, there are a lot of working fans, and as long as they can afford it, they would go to Korea for holidays, visit your pizza shop, Mrs Park's icecream shop and the boutiques of the 3 members. Throughout the years, has there been any fan that left a deep impression on you? Do you talk to your son or the other TVXQ members about the fans?
Mr Kim: I am always thankful to the Chinese fans for their love, their love and trust have also touched the members of TVXQ. As a parent of Junsu, or rather of all the children in TVXQ, I am also always touched that the children have received so much love. The fans use different methods to love my children, in the cosmetic boutiques in Korea, the Japanese and Chinese fans have had good reactions to the cosmetics. The TVXQ members know about all these too. They are very involved with their investment, I guess this is also a sense of responsibility to the fans who use the products.

・About "first feelings"
Reporter: This reporter also went to the concert on 11th July, it was really exciting. I'm really curious about how you feel whenever you attend their concerts?
Mr Kim: I think it's very exciting, I always feel extremely happy when I'm at their concerts.

Reporter: I heard that Korean fans are very insistent on the words "first feelings". TVXQ have come so far these past 5 years, from singers to stars, from artistes to business investors. As an elder, do you think that the 5 members still hold on to the first feelings they had, just like how they first entered the company because of their dreams to become singers?

Mr Kim: In my eyes, the 5 of them are children who still hold on to their "first feelings". They were like that in the past, are still like that now, and will always be like that even in the future. Even though they have a lot of schedules now and they have a lot of work everyday, after meeting so many people their attitudes have become more mature, and they are more experienced. But there are still a lot of things, including the determination they had when they just started out as singers to pursue their dreams, and those have not changed even now. And it's because they hold on to their "first feelings" that they can keep working hard and keep being passionate.


Since their trainee days, the TVXQ members have already thought of Junsu's house as their house. Mr Kim has seen the 5 children grow from fresh-faced boys to men who can shoulder and carry the weight of responsibility. Even after so many years have passed, in his eyes, they remain as children who are strong, sensitive, passionate; and who are occasionally restless and emotional. In Korea's fast-paced entertainment industry, ability to maintain the power to have a long-lasting career cannot be based on popularity alone. "They still need more practice." (T/N: It doesn't say who this quote is from, probably Mr Kim)

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