Monday, July 27, 2009

[TRANS] 072609 TVXQ Comes to Shanghai, News about their Shanghai Concert

On October 2nd Korean idol group TVXQ will come to Hongkou Soccer Standium. Since May 31st of last year, this will be their second time coming to Shanghai for a concert. According to reporters, TVXQ's fans tend to buy tickets as a group, and there is usually a group of fans who go to every show.

For TVXQ's tour in China, the Nanjing stop sold tickets worth more than 10,000,000 in total; the Beijing stop was sold out 1 week before the concert, and tickets for the 2 day concert in Shanghai are hard to find now. It seems like there are very few tickets left. However, even though the sales are impressive, there aren't a lot of fans in the total box office of the Shanghai office [T/N: As in the ticket-selling places]. The people in charge of the tickets told the reporters that waiting in line was never something that TVXQ fans did; instead, buying in groups was their specialty. "The key to maintaining TVXQ's charms [T/N:poplarity] is network. The fans create fan clubs and forums and every group of fans have close relations with each other. When there are news on the internet, fans from different countries would know immediately. Even before ticket-selling for a concert started, the fan groups would communicate to buy as a group, and the people in charge would place orders for the tickets. Therefore, there are only a few people in the ticket-selling places, but they usually buy in large quantities."

With an attendance rate of 100% at their concerts, is TVXQ's mainland fan community actually that big? From reporters’ knowledge, those that watch the concerts are basically the same group of fans. No matter where TVXQ goes to hold a concert, the fans would follow them to that country.

The Shanghai stop in October 2nd will be the last stop in mainland China. The concert song list and schedule will be similar to those from the Nanjing and Beijing stops. As for the dance stage, the Shanghai stop will be a new challenge – the audience will not stand and watch like in the Nanjing stop; the stage also won’t be like the one from Beijing, where it was extended from the center stage. Instead, the stage will ingeniously be a "王" shape. This not only benefits the audience in the front. Those in the back can also see TVXQ face-to-face. The organizers stated, "The audience from the Shanghai concerts will stand on the chairs to view. The stage design will allow the audience's view to be parallel with the stage, and not have any blind corners. The stage that will extend to the audience will allow those in the 680 yuan and 480 yuan seats to enjoy the view that usually only those in the inner areas would enjoy, because the distance between the stage and seats will not exceed 10 meters."

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