Monday, July 27, 2009

[Photos] Cast of Heading to the Grounds

All Cast Members Released:
(Though the other actors/actresses are confirmed to be in the drama, we don't know what roles they are going to play except for Yunho's younger sister and the rival.)

Ara and Kang Hye Bin:

Yunho as Cha Bong Kun:

Lee Sang Yoon as ???:

Lee Yoon Ji as Oh Yeon Yi:

Kim Jae Seung as rival soccer player Dong Ho

Kim Na Joo as Cha Bong Kun's younger sister

Lee Jae Yoon as a soccer player

Hong Jung Hyun as a soccer player?

Kim Jae Song as Dong Ho, the rival soccer player
Lee Jae Joon as a soccer player?
Ricky Kim as a soccer player?
Yoon Won Suk as a soccer player?
Hong Jung Hyun as a soccer player?

- Kyu-

Credits: kyu@soompi
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