Monday, March 31, 2008


*So this Blog will officially contain some DBSK/ TVXQ, Super Junior, Fahrenheit and other more Korean,Taiwanese/Chinese,Japanese related facts.

Also,it may contain some thoughts of mine about everything, so just please bear with*

For the record this will be my first time doing this thing.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Darkness Eyes (piano cover)

Someone posted a piano version of Darkness Eyes in youtube.

it was actually nice!.

here's the Link

Also, some one posted a piano version of Trick.

it sounded very Trick-ish(if there such a word)


Enjoy XD

Dating on Earth

Ermm ~~ not sure if some of u have seen this already ~~
it looks like Dating on earth?

credits: tvxqgain + herobar + Chepi@TPF(soompi forums)

[Unreleased] Dating on Earth

Dating on Earth involves all five members, but only Micky and Hero are main characters. The drama has Micky married to a high school teacher (Played by Seo Hyun Jin from the group M.I.L.K)[citation needed] with whom Hero falls in love. U-Know, Max, and Xiah play minor roles. The release date for the drama has not been confirmed, even though the drama was shot in 2006-2007.


T-concert at Osaka[fancam].""

Yoochun looks very hot in here!!!