Thursday, July 31, 2008

[Information] DBSK's 4th Korean Album track list.

This is the track list of their 4th Korean Album^^
But i don't know if this is really true or just a bluff.T_T

Their first title(Delicious Way) is kinda seductive don't you think??
and Poker face?-interesting name.

WOW! They have a Beautiful You Korean Version!!
Now that's what i want to hear!

and who is VANESSA??.
I'm dying to hear their 4th Album!.gah!

They have very very INTERESTING titles, that makes me really really curious.
and makes me want to hear each of the song.

What song could be their carrier single??
My guess would be either Poker Face or Delicious way.
and i hope its an upbeat tune^^

source: tvxqsky

[Photos] Yunho in A-Nation 2008 Ehime- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

I don't know why i just posted this photos.
Yunnie looks like a anime here^^

but he still looks hot here, (as always).

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credit: as tagged+baidu

[Photos] More Photos- Tohoshinki featured in The M Show- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshink part 2

it was really really really nice.
it was so soothing and relaxing^^

credit: midori@TPF

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

[Photos+Video+Translation] Tohoshinki in The M Show {Singing Doushite..)- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Singing part^^
Doushite Kimi O Suki Ni Natenshimanttandarou


This was the best performance of Doushite!
They were not off tune.
and they did great in singing it!

i bet after their first attempts of singing it live and was disappointed by the results, they practiced real hard just to perfect it.


[Photos+Video+Translation] Tohoshinki in The M Show (Intro)- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

This was the funniest part of all!
The underwear and the camera stuff was so funny!

jaejoong was accusing everyone that they were wearing his underwear but he himself
wore junsu's underwear!

From the re-enactment part:

Manager: Everybody, I got some great news! This time we decided that you guys will debut in Japan.

CM: Japan?

YH: Have you been to Japan before? (to JJ)

JJ: (shakes head)

Narrator: The five of them initially tought "Japan is a strange and unknown place to us." They were scared to do any activities in a country unfamiliar to them. Unaccustomed to the Japanese language and unable to grasp the meaning of most words, they cannot properly express themselves when singing and such.

JS: I want to go back to Korea soon!

YH: Be a little more patient. We just have to bear with it for now.

Narrator: (He's saying the boys endured 3 months away from Korea and mostly went into social withdrawal and just stayed home for the most part of their Japanese stay.

(Then there's a memorable event...)

CM: Hey, my underwears are missing! Who's wearing them?!

YH: How should we know? We have the same undies so we won't know whose is whose...

Narrator: (Their Japanese is limited so they were apprehensive about shopping for underwear but in the end they all managed to buy a few for each. They wrote their names on each to avoid confusion)

But then...

JJ: Hey, why are you wearing my undies? (to YC) {It has his name on it}

{Apparently, JS, CM and YH were also wearing JJ's undies! But lo and behold, JJ was wearing JS's boxers instead!}


credit: ichigotvxq88@yt

I know this is not tohoshinki
but they're still part of the show and they had a role play.
And they were tohoshinki.

it was hella funny^^


[Photos+Video+Translation] Tohoshinki in The M Show (Talk CUt)- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

This is not the entire translations though.
She only translated the confession to the girl^^

(Also asked them how they would confess to a girl in Japanese)

JS: "Can't I be the one?" { I think this could also translate to " Am I not good enough?" like in a self-deprecating way.} tongue.gif

YC: "I-I think I like you..." <3 (somewhat a Yoosu love-gag, btw!) {Suki=like + Kamo=maybe, and of course it also means "duck." He could be saying "I like you, Ducky-butt!"}

JJ: Call me, okay? (XD)

Host: She's just going to call, then! But call about what?! (not sure if this is right)

Host: (She's asking the lady what her answer would be if she was the girl)

Lady: Uhm...what was it again? XD (nandake basically means "whatchamacalit" like when you forget a specific word and end up trying to describe the thing lengthily, like 'on the tip of my tongue' thing.)

JJ: She already forgot (what we said)?!



I think this was the first time i saw them on The M.
This was the talk part^^

I really had fun watching this!
especially the part where they were asked on what to say to girl.hahaha

it was hilarious^^

Cred: joomi@TPF

[Photos] Stalker Pictures of Yunho,Changmin and a little of Jaejoong- DBSK/TVCQ/Tohoshinki

Why do they always have to wear a wife-beater shirt!
it makes me drool!!

Minnie can you even see? that beanie of your is covering your whole face!
oh and did you know that your wifey is mad/disappointed to me because she taught i was stealing you.T_T
just explain to her what happened okay?!?

Credits: As tagged + Joomi@TPF

[Photos] Stalker Pictures of Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

AT SM Entertainment
I'm seeing them now a days with their wife-beater shirt
that makes me drool!.hahaha

and i like what i see at the back of jae- his tattoo^^


Credits: As tagged + Joomi@TPF+ always JJ

[News+Music DL] DJ Makai Feat. Yuchun- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

I love trance music, so much!
and this one is freaking nice^^
the acapella in the first part was so good.

and the mixing was great!
i'm so going to look forward in the works of DJ MAKAI

you can BUY the song from iTunes.
but since i get what i mean right??

so here's the DL Link^^

credit: ichigotvxq88@youtube

The song will be an exclusive edit; 「TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat. YUCHUN (from 東方神起)」
I guess I can predict that Chunface will sing English partly (omg?) 'cause all artist I've been listening to now are singing at least 50% English.

It will be released on iTunes Store Japan on July 30, 2008.

Source: MAKAI Homepage
credits: megumi@soompi

and here's a video of the news about it:


[Translations] Love Recipe- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

I can't imagine junsu eating spicy food!.
I remember when he ate the spicy chili from their EHB guesting, his face was hella FUNNY!
I actually pity him from eating it, since he said he can't handle to much spiciness
in his food.


take out with FULL CREDITS

[Translations] Jaejoong in Kindai Magazine- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

I'm back!!
Alive and Kickin'!!

And i'm seriously fully awake now.^^

it was hilarious(some parts of the interview)
Jaejoong is seriously a straight-forward person making me laugh hard!

*OMO ITS RAINING HARD HERE! and there are thunderstorms and lightning! - just sharing


[Photos] More Photos- Tohoshinki featured in The M Show- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshink part 1

More caps taken from their recent guesting^^
They should seriously wear all white every time.
they look like angels sent from above^^
hahaha. seriously^^

"Nande desu? Nande desu".
that line made me crack-up.

credits: Midori@TPF