Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Fan Account] 090627 Miroticon Day 1-Bangkok

it's 9.30 am when we arrived at Impact Arena,,too early because i'm too excited and want to take the best view..no long queue at AR zone..

but it's very hard to reach the enter gate..everybody wants to go inside,,then like the press conference they keep pushing me,,hhhaaaaaaaa...but that's okey coz i got the best place...in front of the stage,,

the stage is too high so i need to look up to see them..
the sounds system right in front of me so my heart thumping before the boys come hahaha..
in day one i'm not too pay attention to their songs because more attention go for their face and body,,ohh gawd what can i say???they're more more more handsome then in dvd or tv shows or whatever,,so beautiful for real!!

i can see jae's arm pit!!no hair!!! ahahahaha...and his lips so pink!!i like it!

in here i know why korean fans said yunho has small face,,ya it's true he has small face,,so i look at him seriuosly then i knew he's not just handsome but he's cute too,,aigooo

junsu is handsome!i swear to God!! because it's really hard to take his picture,,so i give you his DUCK BUTT!! LOL....

white yoochun with the piano,,he looks pretty!i think he has small face too but bigger from yunho,,he comes with curly hair very nice,,
he replacing key for Xiahtic performance with purple jacket,COOL!

and the last but not least is PRINCE SHIM,,uri changmin...oooohhhhhhhhh...this kid really seducing me!!!!
please don't blame me if i'm in love with him now,,he's too handsome and hot!!he has perfect face,,hmmmm...
and the moment that i can't forget is i prepared a gift for whoever who will take my gift,,but i didn't see anyone throw something to the stage,,in the middle of their performace i decided to give it for changmin * i don't know why =D*

and i saw someone throw a doll to the stage, it makes me have a brave to following hehehe
but i'm waiting after changmin look at my area..and when he did it i throw it and he saw it! i hope he will take it but he look at me and give me "no no" sign and smiling..OMOOOOOO............
i'm not sad, at leass he noticed me,,i don't care he'll remember me or not..this is my first time and changmin smiling at me,,what a big SURPRISE?!!

then the dancer take the doll and the towel on the stage and throw it back to another fans,,and when he (i don't know him,sorry => )wants to go to the back stage he look at the hat and he come back to take it,,i was hoping "oh please don't throw it to another fans,,if you want to throw it,please give to me" LOL
but he take it and bring it to the back stage,,fiiiuuhhh..once again i don't care who will take it,,as long he/she is a part of DBSK hehehehehe

Finally i can see their live performance <<333

Pictures taken by:erni and echonkz
Credit: sweetfig@blogspot
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[Fancam] 090627 Yunho Solo Performance "Checkmate" Miroticon Bangkok

special for RAISSAAAAAA!!!
and MJ too,,for yunho lover...
yunho so damn hot and sexeeehhh!!!!
so enjoy it ^^

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[Photos] 090626 DBSK at Press Conference-Central World Bangkok

sorry if this not to clear,,hohoho
i tried my best to captured their pics in middle of crowded people,,XDD

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[Fan Account]090626 Mirotic Concert Press Conference at Central World

Me and my friends came to the press conference at 3pm and a lot of people already there..it's very hot...but we just waiting under the hot weather..
at 4pm people get ready to take the best place so they can see them,,i just go with the flow,,they keep pushing so

i cant breath..and give up..i move to the right side,,but dont know why,,i am in the center again..LOL

at 5pm they supposed to be on te stage,,but no one from DBSK comes up until 7pm..i was a litle bit mad coz im so tired,,but then they come!!!!

Yunho is the first entering to the stage, he looks manly,,but the first guy who attracting me was CHANGMIN,,OMG i want to bite,,hug,,carry him!!!
he's so handsome..and then i saw my Jaejoong,even im not too clear but i saw his flawless face he's so shining..then yoochun,,he cut his hair!and that's really great,,many people happy for his new hair hahhahhaaa..

the last member is Junsu,,he's very cute...he can make you laugh before he start to talk hahahaha....
they only about 15 minutes on the stage,,so i think this is also a fan meeting not a press conference hehehe

my friend said they already at Central World at 5pm but they have fan meeting inside,,so that's why they coming so late..but i forget about it after i saw them...i was very happy coz this is my first time!! XDD

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

[INFO] Music Station Line-Up for July 3- Tohoshinki

>Stand by U/ Tohoshinki

Source: musicstation
Credits: sweetfig.blogspot

[SCANS] 28th Single Stand By U Card-(ChunJaeSu)

I can't still find the YunJae ones.
Will update it once we found it^_^

Credits: ichigojj+infinityhk
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot

[CAPS] 28th Single- Stand By U- OFFSHOOT Movie-

Credits: infinityhk
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot

[TRANS] 090628 Yunho Cherishes the Memory of Michael Jackson - DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

DBSK leader Yunho has is mourning deeply for the passing of "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson.

Yunho expressed on his web blog on June 26th through a short entry, to mourn for Michael Jackson who passed away the day before.

Yunho said "When I heard the news about Michael Jackson's passing, I felt really saddened, he was one of my inspirational teachers, please rest in peace, 'Smooth Criminal'"

Yunho wrote these words to express his sadness and mourning.

Credits: 神采奕译@东方神起百度帖吧

Trans: shaine@sweetfig.blogspot.com
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[INFO] Tohoshinki in TBS CDTV Guest Live on July 4

(wait, isn't tokyo dome also on july 4? so does this mean they will be doing the live tour and Guest Live? or was it pre-recorded already?)

7 / 4 CDTV 24:58 ~

Guest Live 1

Title: Stand by U
Company: rhythm zone

Guest live 2

Artist: flumpool
Title: MW~Dear Mr.& Ms.ピカレスク~
Company: A-Sketch

Source: tbs.co.jp
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[TRANS] 090627 FM Osaka Pikakin

All the Tohoshinki members were present!

It's been a long time, and just like the previous times, all the Tohoshinki members were present!
Let's proceed~

Tohoshinki is doing their national tour right now.
The performances in Osaka have been amazing!
There's 2 days left which will be held at the Tokyo Dome!

Although it's been fun here, Tohoshinki's summer activities do not end here.
This year too, they'll be participating in 『a-nation 2009』and Tohoshinki will perform 4 times.

On 29, 30 August, the performances will take place at Nagai Stadium, Kansai.
Therefore, for the interview this time, we played a game together with Tohoshinki called『Quiz! a-nation!!!』♪

The person who raises his hand and answers correctly, gets to eat the strawberries and cherries.
Everyone was very serious... (T/N: as in, they really wanna win)
They are really nice...

They sang the title call for『Toho Paradise』in accapella.
Really, thank you so much.
It's very kind of you.

To move on from here, it's impossible for us to not attend『a-nation 2009』
Everyone, let's go together to show our support for Tohoshinki!

Please come.
You absolutely have to come.

For detailed information on Tohoshinki, please go to 【東方神起 Official Site】!

Source: [경찰대31기@dnbn + sharingyoochun (for Japanese text & pic)]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot
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[Photos] 090627 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic Concert - Bangkok (Part 3)

Credits: pingbook + DNBN
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot
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