Sunday, June 28, 2009

[TRANS] 090627 FM Osaka Pikakin

All the Tohoshinki members were present!

It's been a long time, and just like the previous times, all the Tohoshinki members were present!
Let's proceed~

Tohoshinki is doing their national tour right now.
The performances in Osaka have been amazing!
There's 2 days left which will be held at the Tokyo Dome!

Although it's been fun here, Tohoshinki's summer activities do not end here.
This year too, they'll be participating in 『a-nation 2009』and Tohoshinki will perform 4 times.

On 29, 30 August, the performances will take place at Nagai Stadium, Kansai.
Therefore, for the interview this time, we played a game together with Tohoshinki called『Quiz! a-nation!!!』♪

The person who raises his hand and answers correctly, gets to eat the strawberries and cherries.
Everyone was very serious... (T/N: as in, they really wanna win)
They are really nice...

They sang the title call for『Toho Paradise』in accapella.
Really, thank you so much.
It's very kind of you.

To move on from here, it's impossible for us to not attend『a-nation 2009』
Everyone, let's go together to show our support for Tohoshinki!

Please come.
You absolutely have to come.

For detailed information on Tohoshinki, please go to 【東方神起 Official Site】!

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