Sunday, June 28, 2009

[TRANS] 090626 Saipan Journey Storybook to be Released Soon - TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki

"Please Be Mine", the storybook that includes DBSK's trip to Saipan, is going to be release on 15th July in Korea and Japan.

The storybook to be co-released by SM Entertainment and SBSi records the activity of DBSK in "All About DBSK 3" DVD series which was shot over a month, and also interview stories of the DBSK members in Saipan.

The beautiful scenery of Saipan and DBSK's interesting everyday life stories in "All About DBSK 3" which will be released in August, can also be seen in the Storybook.

Especially for the games played along the emerald-colored waters at Ladder Beach, we can experience a live scene of a mini Olympics Game from DBSK's masculine charisma. The story which unfolds at the quiet and peaceful Managaha Island, the layout of the hotel rooms to the exploration of the DBSK members' bags, the 6D7N shooting in Saipan is going to be released, looking forward to the responses from fans.

Storybook will also incorporate the DBSK members' post-trip interviews, with a abundant 300-page content, and you will be able to sufficiently experience DBSK and Saipan's interesting and colorful charisma.

At the same time, DBSK is going to visit Thailand for the "The 3rd Asia Tour Concert - Mirotic in Bangkok" which is going to be held on the 26th and 27th.

Credits: 神采奕譯@東方神起百度帖吧
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Raissa said...


btw, ft island was in singapore yesterday right? did you go and see them???

SHAINE- said...

no i didnt go and see them, because i dont know who they are! hahaha.

Raissa said...

are you serious? OMG!!. HAHAHA

could you please translate this?

if my chinese is not failing me, its about yunho and Michael Jackson right?

Anonymous said...

SO cool I can't wait for this! If I could buy there other ones.....