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[Fan Account] 090621 TSC Nagoya - Fanreport

I actually had a fun time reading her fan account!
and CHUN! he cried! aigoooo.
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Take Your Hands
→ Love how the camera zooms in when Yunho rubs his hand down his thigh at one point biggrin.gif
→ Love the body rolls everyone does

Stand Up!
→ Steph mentioned it and I'll mention it again; I love Jae's English. His "Everyone put your hands up! Hey, c'mon!" sounds so good!
→ Yunho I love your voice ♥

Beautiful You

→ Something went wrong with Su's mic DDD: But the crowd sang his parts for him, lol. Only at the end did his mic work.

My Destiny
→ Almost everyone mics' went crazy DDD:

Ment for Force


Purple Line
→ Chun was too raspy again during the opening D:
→ Jae's "One more time" is ♥

→ Forgot to mention before but during the Mirotic ending, when they're grouped together in that pose and Jae kneels on the floor? He points to the crowd as he does so with so much attitude and asdgfghjkl so hot and add in the edges of his tattoo you can see peeking out from his sleeveless vest ♥

Heart, Mind & Soul

Talk Ment #1
Read Steph's later but I have to point out that dammit, Jaejoong cried, okay? Steph told me later he was basically saying that if it wasn't for the fans, they wouldn't be here today etc etc etc and asdfghjkl his eyes were red and tearing up and dammit I almost cried too. Crap.

→ Crap, Jae is still near tears/crying. He couldn't do his chorus perfectly because of it. Chun pats his shoulder as they walk back to the stage but even Chun looks affected and Su seems overwhelmed too ;___________; I confess, I cried as well. Because I was wondering why Jae was crying and when Wasurenaide played, I got to thinking about some stuff in my life and mini cooper, I started crying and then Jae just had to cry too ;________________________;

Ment for Begin

→ Jae still seems upset. Su keeps looking at him as they sing and even Yunho seems affected. There's more...depth in his voice than usual.

Nobody Knows
→ Feedback happened during one of the chorus, loud enough that JaeMin took out their earpieces quickly.

→ I think Jae hasn't fully gotten control of himself. He messed up his part of the chorus a little ;____; Crap, everyone seems affected.

Forever Love
→ The back to back slow songs isn't helping I think, Su's part was even more emotionally powerful than usual and that's saying something.

Box in the Ship
→ At the start, there was a loud clatter before the lights came up. Turns out Chun was kneeling down to retie his boots' laces. JJ is finally smiling

YH: oh-e-oh-e-oh ebi___!
CM: oh-e-oh-e-oh nagoya!
JJ: oh-e-oh-e-oh dou iu koto? again with the real soy sauce bottle asdfghjjkl roflmao!
YC: oh-e-oh-e-oh minna ok?
JS: oh-e-oh-e-oh hitsumabushi!

→ Jae asks where's a good place to eat hitsumabushi, lol. Su stares at him, flabbergasted, laughed and shouted "1 2 3 oh-e-oh-e-oh otokiri (?) no histumabushi!" (I think Steph knows where the place is, lol)

→ They're staring at the magnae, Min stares at Yunho, pushes his shoulder and tells him to go, and Yunho pushes his face roflmao!

O - Sei.Han.Go
→ Yunho changes his intro dance ♥

Toho Dancers

Choosey Lover
→ YunJae high-5!
→ Chun's "Bring it on!"
→ Jae shrugs coat off to show his biceps asdfghjkkll -is ded-

→ Min croons into camera.

Somebody to Love
→ JaeChun high-5!
→ JaeHo high-5!
→ YooSu high-5!

Summer Dream
→ break for band intro. Bass, Kazu, had a plastic mustache XD Guitarist played his guitar with a light stick, lolol Yunho introduced Sam!
→ The JaeSu shake hands...and hugged! So sweeeeeeet ♥
→ Junsu does the dance! The original Summer Dream combo! Swing around, butt groping and angel pose! LOLOLOL JaeChun didn't do the angel pose. Chun was staring at Su and I think Jae was just kneeling by Su, looking at him or something lol.


PV montage

The Way You Are
→ Boys in white TSC tees <3
→ Again the camera didn't focus on Chun for his awesome spirit fingers DD: It's Yunho this time.

Break Up The Shell

Talk Ment #2
...yeah, read Steph's lol. Su said something about Chun being out of it because he didn't eat hitsumabushi, and Jae pointed out how Chun wasn't even holding his mic but just slid it into his jeans' pocket, lolol and asdfhhkkl Yunho wrapped his towel around his head, like you saw in Tohomobile. At one point, Jae came over and tried to fix his fringe, and said, "kawaii ne?" - cue screams of the crowd, lol - Yunho went "argghhh!" and shook his head, lol, he got irritated with the fringe. So cute!

Yunho said something about Jae, the crowd clapped and Jae asked him, "Dou iu koto?" handing him the shoyu bottle lololol. Yunho answered, "Shoyu koto?....nan chatte?!"

Jae imitates Min's order to the crowd to sit down for Stand By U lol. "Suwattekudasai!" Remember FitB tour? Yeah, something like that, lol

Stand By U

Kiss The Baby Sky
→ Chun missed a part of his speaking intro...only found out later why...
→ Chun's member intro, "Uknow, Max, JJ, Junsu and me...we're the one..."
→ Chun didn't do the last bit of his high part, the "~with me" DDDD:


Encore: Bolero
→ Yunho seems...affected again ;___;
→ Something is seriously wrong with Yoochun. He looked as though every note is a huge effort. He couldn't do his "kikasete~" after the epic climax. He just...mouthed the words?
→ Crap, no wonder...Chun is crying. He kept his head down the entire time after his parts ended and as the lights are about to go off, everyone looks up and damn, Chun is seriously crying. Su doesn't seem far behind ;_____;

End footage
The crowd claps and chants for "Tohoshinki!" right up until the credits finished. No re-appaearance though.

Credit : sevenkai@Livejourney
Share : OneTVXQ+sweetfig.blogspot
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You can read her report of SCT 090620 Nagoya HERE