Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Fan Account] 090627 Miroticon Day 1-Bangkok

it's 9.30 am when we arrived at Impact Arena,,too early because i'm too excited and want to take the best view..no long queue at AR zone..

but it's very hard to reach the enter gate..everybody wants to go inside,,then like the press conference they keep pushing me,,hhhaaaaaaaa...but that's okey coz i got the best place...in front of the stage,,

the stage is too high so i need to look up to see them..
the sounds system right in front of me so my heart thumping before the boys come hahaha..
in day one i'm not too pay attention to their songs because more attention go for their face and body,,ohh gawd what can i say???they're more more more handsome then in dvd or tv shows or whatever,,so beautiful for real!!

i can see jae's arm pit!!no hair!!! ahahahaha...and his lips so pink!!i like it!

in here i know why korean fans said yunho has small face,,ya it's true he has small face,,so i look at him seriuosly then i knew he's not just handsome but he's cute too,,aigooo

junsu is handsome!i swear to God!! because it's really hard to take his picture,,so i give you his DUCK BUTT!! LOL....

white yoochun with the piano,,he looks pretty!i think he has small face too but bigger from yunho,,he comes with curly hair very nice,,
he replacing key for Xiahtic performance with purple jacket,COOL!

and the last but not least is PRINCE SHIM,,uri changmin...oooohhhhhhhhh...this kid really seducing me!!!!
please don't blame me if i'm in love with him now,,he's too handsome and hot!!he has perfect face,,hmmmm...
and the moment that i can't forget is i prepared a gift for whoever who will take my gift,,but i didn't see anyone throw something to the stage,,in the middle of their performace i decided to give it for changmin * i don't know why =D*

and i saw someone throw a doll to the stage, it makes me have a brave to following hehehe
but i'm waiting after changmin look at my area..and when he did it i throw it and he saw it! i hope he will take it but he look at me and give me "no no" sign and smiling..OMOOOOOO............
i'm not sad, at leass he noticed me,,i don't care he'll remember me or not..this is my first time and changmin smiling at me,,what a big SURPRISE?!!

then the dancer take the doll and the towel on the stage and throw it back to another fans,,and when he (i don't know him,sorry => )wants to go to the back stage he look at the hat and he come back to take it,,i was hoping "oh please don't throw it to another fans,,if you want to throw it,please give to me" LOL
but he take it and bring it to the back stage,,fiiiuuhhh..once again i don't care who will take it,,as long he/she is a part of DBSK hehehehehe

Finally i can see their live performance <<333

Pictures taken by:erni and echonkz
Credit: sweetfig@blogspot
Please take out with Full Credits. :)


ainaz said...

wow you are really good luck in the world i am from iran soooo far from them but i really love them alot and they are alwayse in my mind its my dream to see them from near lucky you really lucky you

echonkz said...

yaa i feel so lucky,,but hey im far away from them too..when my friend came to their concert in malaysia,,i thought i cant see them like my friend,,but i really want to see them live,,do u know that i dont have money for this mirotic concert???i dont have money, but when me n my friend want to see them seriously,,i tried to find a job,,here i am in my new office ^^
thx to them too i got job now XDD
and can see their live concert and very close with the stage...

my secret is i put their pictures in my vision board
(got this idea from the oprah show) and look at this board everyday and imagine that i can meet them..
well im too much talking here hehehe..good luck girl!!

nothing is impossible ^____^