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[INFO] New Age Pianist THE Yiruma Supports Idols., I want to compose music for idol groups like DBSK SUPER JUNIOR WODER GIRLS

" I want to compose music for idol groups like DBSK"

Yiruma who returned from naval military service interviewed with Maeil Economy Star Today during his Nation Tour.

Yiruma said " when i performed Wonder girls 'nobody' during one of my performances ( Lee Hana's peppermint show) there were some fans who were dissapointed because they thought it was too 'commercial' but I'm not a traditional pianist. I want to be a music composer who can reach the general public of all ages, not just hard core classic listeners."

Yiruma have said before he wanted to give his music to the artist Sung Si Kyung. Yiruma said " I want to work with artists who have excellent talents such as Kim Bum Soo, but I also want to work with idols such as DBSK, Super Junior, Wonder Girls and etc. "

and went onto say " If I was part of the general public, I myself would want to listen to calm and simple music, not something that is too complicating. I don't think I would of chose those kind of music to listen to myself. When I write my music I always think about creating pieces that the public can easily listen and relate to as well as pieces that anyone can easily play themselves."

Yiruma who was once a hardcore fan of hiphop group "SOLID" (krn), composed dance music before becoming known as a 'New Age Pianist'

" When I moved back to Korea from England, I worked with music entertainment company, and one of my mates was thinking of trying to create a female artist, so I wrote dance music for him. At first I was thinking of becoming a Pop music composer, but back then I was too young, and didn't really have connections in the music industry. I thought that just with my confidence, I would be able to make it in the music industry, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be" he said with a smile.

Yiruma since then have worked with artists TEI, Kim Yeon Woo, " The Film " and " Square" albums. Created OSTs for dramas " Autumn in my Heart" , " Winter Sonata" , " Spring Walts" and for the animation movie hit " Dog Poop". Slowly also stepping in to become a composer as well in the ent industry. Recently Yiruma was recieved with a comission request by the city of Hanoi, Vietnam for the year 2010 capital event. He is working on a new music piece to play with his grand scale orchestra team for the event.

When the nation tour ends, Yiruma wants to put his solo pianist gig to the side and step into other fields. " For next year, I'm going to step into creating a grand scale orchestra team to create musical pieces for movies, dramas , and educational animation films."

Yiruma who started gaining immense popularity starting in 2006 created surprise amongst the public for giving up his British citizenship to go into the Korean National Naval Service. During his service, he married Son Tae Yeong's ( Kwon Sang Woo's wife) sister Son Hye Im and has a daughter now. Song Loanna is dedicated to his daughter.
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