Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Fan Account]090626 Mirotic Concert Press Conference at Central World

Me and my friends came to the press conference at 3pm and a lot of people already there..it's very hot...but we just waiting under the hot weather..
at 4pm people get ready to take the best place so they can see them,,i just go with the flow,,they keep pushing so

i cant breath..and give up..i move to the right side,,but dont know why,,i am in the center again..LOL

at 5pm they supposed to be on te stage,,but no one from DBSK comes up until 7pm..i was a litle bit mad coz im so tired,,but then they come!!!!

Yunho is the first entering to the stage, he looks manly,,but the first guy who attracting me was CHANGMIN,,OMG i want to bite,,hug,,carry him!!!
he's so handsome..and then i saw my Jaejoong,even im not too clear but i saw his flawless face he's so shining..then yoochun,,he cut his hair!and that's really great,,many people happy for his new hair hahhahhaaa..

the last member is Junsu,,he's very cute...he can make you laugh before he start to talk hahahaha....
they only about 15 minutes on the stage,,so i think this is also a fan meeting not a press conference hehehe

my friend said they already at Central World at 5pm but they have fan meeting inside,,so that's why they coming so late..but i forget about it after i saw them...i was very happy coz this is my first time!! XDD

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