Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[TRANS] 090623 Notification Of Change Of THSK's MUSIC JAPAN Broadcast

MUSIC JAPAN | 09/06/23 10:57

During the rainy season, how is everyone getting along?
This is MUSIC JAPAN's director, 英米.

On the 21st, Sunday, [Eco Uta], by MJ's production team, was broadcasted live and it went smoothly, I'm relieved. Everyone has seen it right?

The splendid singing voices that you heard in [Eco Uta] was from Tohoshinki.

Previously, it was mentioned on this blog that the broadcast date for Tohoshinki's appearance on MJ will be on 28th June, but there have been changes made to the broadcast date.

Please note that the new broadcast date is 12th July (Sunday).

Of course, we will spend ample time talking about their new single.

Please also note that on 5th July (Sunday), the regular MJ programme will be replaced by the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

This has been 英米, whose power inflates during rainy days!

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