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DBSK rehearsing for their concert in Shanghai

DBSK rehearsing for their concert tonight(may 31, 2008) at Shanghai,China

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DBSK gives help to chinese earthquake victims

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Finally, it’s great to hear that Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ) will perform for charity. Like other eager and concerned Asian celebrities, TVXQ prayed and desires to help the victims of the deadly Sichuan Earthquake.

TVXQ will hold their “~O~ Shanghai Concert” which will be held at the Hongkou Soccer Stadium in Shanghai tomorrow, Saturday, May 31.

Their show will be a benefit concert in contribution for the needing quake survivors in the province of Sichuan and other neighboring areas, where the official death toll climbed to almost 80,000 (with over 300,000 people injured and almost 20,000 missing), and around 5 million people left homeless.

The concert will be TVXQ’s first major concert in mainland China which will be later followed by another “~O~ Concert” in Beijing in June.

Instead of the famous “Red of Sea,” Cassiopeia fans will wear “yellow” (yellow ribbons) as a symbol of peace and good wishes.

The ticket prices range from 40-183 US dollars (280, 480, 680, 980 and 1280 RMB).

Let us all pray for the victims of the quake, and help if we can. Everyone can do something. Even the smallest donations can really help a lot. We hope the spirit of TVXQ’s concert in Shanghai will encourage other Cassiopeia fans and Kpop fans to lend a helping hand as well.

You can send donations and relief goods through the links below:

DONATE! ~ Red Cross China

DONATE! ~ Red Cross International

DONATE! ~ Google Website


Super Junior-M & Zhang Li-yin Awarded in China

Currently active in China, Super Junior-M and singer Zhang Li-yin were awarded at a Chinese music awards ceremony.

Both Super Junior-M and Zhang Li-yin are part of the SM Entertainment Agency and they respectively won "Asia's Most Popular New Group" and "2008's Best New Singer" at the 5th Annual Music King Awards held on the 25th in Macao.

The Music King Awards is a music ceremony hosted by the China Cultural Arts Fund Organization and GuangdongTV. There are a total of 40 award categories which consider artists from all over Asia.

This year's ceremony, entitled "5.12 Benefit Night for Natural Disasters," will assist victims of the powerful earthquake which shook Sichuan this year. Proceeds from the tickets sold for the ceremony will be donated entirely to the Macao Red Cross.

"This is our first award since our official debut in China," said Super Junior-M members. "We hope the people suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake will never lose hope."

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Super Junior-M cancels all activities to help earthquake victims


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7-membered group with Chinese and Korean members, Super Junior-M's popularity in the Mainland and the rest of Asia is rising continuously. Recently they attended the 5th annual "Music King" awards show that was held in Macau and won the Asia's Most Popular New Group award. On Monday they came to Hong Kong for promotion and did an interview with us.

Korea's 13-membered boy band Super Junior debuted in 2005 with great success. This year, their company SM Entertainment released the new subgroup, Super Junior-M. "M" is derived from the English word "Mandarin", obviously showing their entire focus to the Mainland market.

This team of Chinese and Korean members consists of five of Super Junior's original members, which includes the Chinese Hankyung, Korean Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Ryeowook, and the addition of two Chinese rookies, Zhoumi and Henry.


Due to the recent big earthquake in Sichuan, Super Junior-M are busy with attending disastrous relief functions in the Mainland, resulting in a cancelation of many previously scheduled performances. Last week they attended an auction event in Hunan and donated the money they have won from a game show.

Band leader Hankyung expresses that aside from suffering harsh living conditions, the victims are also under heavy pressure psychologically and they need help from others.

Not long after the earthquake he communicated with some Sichuan fans over the phone, encouraging them to be strong. He says, "That Sichuan fan was very sad because her sister was missing, so I consoled her over the phone. At that time I also felt very grief, but I held back my tears."


Since Super Junior-M is from the combination of Chinese and Korean members, how can they communicate? Hankyung joined Super Junior in 2005 so his Korean is already very fluent. Among the Korean members, it seems that Siwon, who has acted in the Chinese-language film "A Battle of Wits", has the best Chinese.

says that he is effortly learning Chinese. He can now pick up some Chinese single words in speech at his current learning stage. During the interview, he suddenly burst out a Chinese phrase, "interesting" to highten the atmosphere. No wonder Hankyung said that Donghae is the most playful member of the group.

Member Zhoumi previously attended college in Zhuhai so he can understand some Cantonese. He is even more familiar with Hong Kong's singers as he expresses that he really admires Khalil Fong and Janice Vidal. Siwon then says that he hopes to work with "A Battle of Wits" co-stars Andy Lau and Sammy Hung again.

They say they will hold tightly to any performance opportunities; there will also be a chance when the members will film movies individually. Currently they are preparing for their Asia tour show and they definitely want to hold a show in Hong Kong. Fans will have to wait and see.


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Jaejoong looks hungry!.hahahaha

Super Junior-H(Happy)

Sub-groups make them busy so i'm not against that.
I just hope they stay compact and forever and ever!

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13-member boy band Super Junior produces another subgroup, "Super Junior - Happy.

Super Junior - Happy is the fourth Super Junior subgroup after Super Junior-K.R.Y, Super Junior-T, and Super Junior-M, formed by SM Entertainment.

The six members include Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk.

On the 30th, SM announced that, like the name of the group, they will be peforming quick and refreshing songs, giving the fans a feeling of bliss and happiness.

Super Junior - Happy's first mini album will be available in early June.

The title track is a dance song entitled "요리왕(COOKING? COOKING!)" (Translation: Cook King [COOKING? COOKING!] ). The song is a story about a youth stumbling upon interesting things as he thinks about cooking for his girlfriend.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Yunho in Airport on their way to Shanghai[Photos]

My dear dear yunho looks so happy and well-rested!

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