Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[download] Tohoshinki - Toki wo Tomete MV!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

[Vid+Trans] Toki Wo Tomete Offshot


& some quick translations

[Jaejoong, who unexpected laughed out loud]

- cut     JJ: I'm so sorry

JJ: Humans really are amazing. I'm standing here but I can see what's going on over there.

- we're going to start now   JS: Okay

- is everythig OK?  JS: Hai~

- still remember the lyrics? (^^)   JS: まあまあ (if my memory still works, it means "so-so" ? :D)

[Having been told to look at the main girl character a soft, gentle look....]

[Using his hand gestures to reveal one of the staff member's daily habits]

[While filming, a self-high (is that how you call it?) Yunho]

JJ: Suddenly my brain becomes a blank space

- you can't forget it ~

JJ: And I accidently forget the lyrics (we all know your memory is lacking :D)

- you can look at the lyrics

[Staff members.... worried that he'll forget the lyrics...]

*awkward Changmin hand movements* ^^

[Very caring about the ring size?]

JJ: Can't I take this with me?

[Everyone's shots only took one try today; a very happy Junsu]  (the captions don't always.. flow)

YH: This is an astronomical telescope (天文望遠鏡)

YH: I've been the planetarium once during elementary school

[Acting tips for the scene where Changmin protects the main character.....]

- haha, she's laughing (so am I XD)

CM: I couldn't capture the feeling of what I'm supposed to do in this place

[Yoochun mouths the Japanese words he's learned today over and over again!]

- do you know how this place will become later?

YC: Even though I've never been here, right here... it seems .... eh, is it all white?

- wait until the dims later on, it'll be different

YC: Oh; I want to see

[While taking a picture for xxxxxx (tohomobile?), Junsu suddenly burst out laughing]

- what are you laughing at

JS: I feel very happy       JS: This is my favourite, PLUTO

didn't understand what Yoochun said;

[The first reason for laughing out loud?]

JJ: When I was starting, a staff member suddenly tripped

- last time you said you were being laughed at by the staff (hahahaha XD)

JJ: Our staff members.... they aren't simple people. Recently, they've been working really hard (changing the topic? ^^)

JJ: Maybe it's on purpose

CM: It's very interesting

- you haven't taken a close look at the planetarium

CM: It's okay

- is it okay? Are you planning to come back after filming is finished?

CM: Please let me stay

YH: This time is the same as usual

YH: How do I say this... happy but a bit lonely

[Finding his own constellation sign]

YH: Aquarius...

YH: Where is it ....

- please take a good rest

YH: Hai~ Good-bye    Bye Bye !

[Even though he's the last to prepare, he's the first to finish!]

YC: Very happy

JJ: How come I'm the first to prepare but the last to finish

JJ: It seems like after you wear this you'll become very smart

YH: I'm fourth today~


That was so quick LOL please don't mind the grammar/typing mistakes ^^

Credits: Xiahking/kryz109@youtube
Translations: adie@sweetfig
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot
Please take out with Full Credits. :)