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[Photos] Jaejoong at OSAN

lucky them!!
love jae's smile there...

Jaejoong met with the OSAN football players(OSAN is the name of one school in Korea). The moment when the gold medal is decided upon in the national games, TVXQ Jaejoong made a surprise appearance and the football players were encouraged due to the moment. Jaejoong had promised that he would come if the team got gold, so he appeared in the school’s stadium to keep his promise. Because Jaejoong’s popularity, there was a big riot broke out when he appeared, however he did really encourage the players and finally calmly left the place.
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[Trans] 091031 TVXQ Dispute 'SM's Dilemma'

Much attention has been put on SM Entertainment and its future actions as the Courts have sided with the three TVXQ members YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu on the legal dispute between the three and their agency regarding their exclusive contract.

On the 27th, the Seoul District Courts partially accepted the exclusive contract suspension request against SM Entertainment submitted by Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun.

To have the Courts partially accept the exclusive contract suspension request is to have the Courts decided that the contract between SM and the members of TVXQ is in fact unlawful. According to the decision of the Courts, SM is not allowed to interfere or question any individual activities of the three members or create contracts regarding group activities without the consent of the three members.

For now, SM has stated that the agency cannot accept the Courts' ruling. SM Entertainment released a notice stating "Although the entire contract was not suspended, the Courts stated that some parts of the contract was questionable and that is why we are submitting an appeal," and "Till now, we have kept some information from the media as the Courts requested that neither side be interacting with the press during the trial. Now we will reveal that information and release an official statement.

Unless an extremely controversial secret is revealed by SM Entertainment that could turn the tables, it can be said that the contract between SM and TVXQ has already been nullified.

The dilemma that SM faces now is the fact that the agency's other singers may attempt to leave the agency in the same method. TVXQ is not the only reason why SM is being so adamant and firm of their stance in this dispute. To state that conclusion first, there is close to no chance of TVXQ disbanding or ending their activities. This is because all three members involved in this dispute have no thoughts of leaving the group names TVXQ. Some representatives to the entertainment business stated that, "There is a high chance that SM and the three members will become equal partners regarding activities such as the release of a new album in the future."

The problem is how the two sides will fix the contract and the income division. Although the income SM receives from album sales or commercial activities will reduce, it is not so much that the company will run into bankruptcy.

The biggest problem for SM Entertainment is the fact that the majority of agencies works under a system that invests money to raise trainees into singers in a span of 1~7 years that does not guarantee profit after the singer's debut. In the case of TVXQ, if they are allowed to leave the agency stating that the contract was unlawful after gaining popularity, the agencies will have no incentive to continue on with this method of raising stars. This is also why the Fair Trade Committee constantly fails to come to a consensus with agencies when it comes to creating a basis contract.

The reason that SM is being carefully watched for its future actions regarding this trial and the consequences that follow is because this is not merely a problem between SM and TVXQ.

Source: [mk news+DNBN]
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[Trans] 091030 The Need For Change In The Entertainment Agency And The Solution Through The TVXQ Dispute

First of all, the Courts have sided with the three TVXQ members. In reference to the exclusive contract suspension request submitted by Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, the Courts laid down the decision that 'SM Entertainment is not allowed to interfere or question any individual activities of the three members or create contracts regarding group activities without the consent of the three members.'

This dispute between the group that is the Hallyu Wave's key player and king of the Asian market and the group's agency, the nation's top entertainment agency, is said to bring large waves of change not only to the entertainment industry, but to the entire nation as well. Many have said that the Courts' ruling has kick started the battle against unlawful contracts while others have said that the decision has completely ignored the trainee-raising method of most entertainment agencies.

The TVXQ case can be seen as a result of SM's 'Failure At Management.' However, that is only the evaluation based on the results. The reason the TVXQ dispute has come so far and deep is because there was a charge forward with a lack of 'communication and respect' on both sides.

One of the reasons that this dispute cant not be the center of attention in the entertainment industry is because the Courts have sided with the members of TVXQ and completely overturned the traditional method of agencies' formation of their contracts. We cannot blatantly say that all 13 year contracts are slave contract. As long as 'communication and respect' is prevalent and a fair income division is put in place, it will be a happy contract. They would be willing to sign onto a contract longer than 13 years at will. They would not think of moving to a different entertainment agency.

If TVXQ's birth is inspected, the process is a system with no room for 'communication and respect.' TVXQ is a team that was created by picking the best out of hundreds of trainees and forming a group. Even the members themselves would not have known what lay ahead of them in the future of their music careers. They were able to snag the title of 'Top of the Korean Music Industry' under the system of a large entertainment agency, and their entrance into the overseas market was probably calculated meticulously. The entire process would amount to a total of 10 years.

As this much time has passed, the members are bound to have looked back on themselves. They are also bound to have increased their musical control and bettered their abilities to select their paths. There were times when they had to stand on a stage regardless of the fact that they did not want to, and they would have had to handle the agency's actions to stop any activities that may 'endanger the group' with a feeling of oppression. This is where 'communication and respect' is needed. As the two sides are the bests of the best, there probably was the need to approach the situation calmly and after much thought. If things have come so far, there were bound to have been instances unknown to the public that pushed it so far. To become irreparable.

In truth, the members are preparing to 'sue for the nullification of the contract and compensation for damages incurred from the income division' while SM is submitting an appeal. SM has also stated that they will be revealing information that has not been told before and releasing an official statement.

When seeing all the big and small disputes that have erupted in the Korean music industry, they all originate from income division problems (unlawful contracts), failure to communicate (respect for human rights), natural limits (musical limits, lack of responsibility as a celebrity), and a interference of the family (interference from a third party).

But the income division problems have been the biggest disputes in this industry. Income division is important to gain trust and investments. If income division is not transparent, that is what a slave contract is. The lack of transparency in income division is what started the lack of human rights for celebrities in the music industry in the mid 90s.


The music industry must use this dispute as a stepping stone towards a change in 'communication and respect'. What can gain more trust than a contract is'communication and respect' and 'a transparent income division'. There is no other 'road to a solution'.

Source: [star news+DNBN]
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[TRANS] 091028 TVXQ's Victory Is A Call For Change In The Entertainment Industry From The Courts

On the 27th, the Seoul District Courts sided with popular group TVXQ's three members and their exclusive contract suspension against SM Entertainment. The Courts decided that the entertainment agency was not allowed to create new contracts without the consent of the celebrity and must not interfere with said celebrity's independent activities in the business. Therefore, a road of free movement has opened up for the members of TVXQ. Although the formal trial procedures are left, this decision seems to shed light on the future of unlawful contracts that are rampant in the entertainment business. Overall, the call for shift from a vertical relationship to a parallel, equal relationship is welcomed. Many expect this dispute to lead into an equal relationship between celebrities and agencies in the future.

Till now, the Korean entertainment business, as the term 'slave contract' implies, has been criticized for its inability to escape unlawfulness and unfairness. The majority of celebrities was put at a disadvantage starting from when their contracts were set up and have become mere tools of agencies. From their official activities to personal actions, everything celebrities did was dictated by their agencies. This was the kind of situation that the three members of the nation's best idol group were in when they went against their agency. If they were in such a state, it is not hard to think of what unthinkable states the no-name celebrities and not-so-famous celebrities are in.

Most domestic entertainment agencies work under a scout-train-management system. Agencies have trained talented rookies and raised the value of no-name celebrities in this organized and investing method. However, although it is easy for a celebrity to become wound up in an unlawful exclusive contract, it is not as easy to escape from his or her entrapment. It can be said that the Courts ruled that, "This is an unfair structure that does not give the members even the bare minimum rights they should have," and "As the members have to pay extremely large amounts of compensation if they go against the contract, it is impossible for the members to wander astray from the contract," because of such methods employed by entertainment agencies.

This decision will bring about a big change to the entertainment business as a whole. This is because the complaints that have been silenced till now may erupt and flood. There is a high chance that the dispute between the members of TVXQ and their agency will take a long time. Right after the Courts' decision, the three members stated that they would file lawsuits for Compensation for Damages and Exclusive Contract Nullification, while the agency has stated that they will be revealing information that the Courts requested they keep quiet from the media and an official statement. This reporter hopes that this dispute will not end a mere expendable argument, but a stepping stone to a new cultural ]change in the entertainment industry. The tyrannical domination of the biased and vertical patriarchal culture that believes that, "Since I have raised them, I can do whatever I want with them," must now come to an end. It is time that a win-win and equal relationship was created in our entertainment business to take the industry to a whole new level.

Source: [yonhap news+DNBN]
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[NEWS] TVXQ's income REVEALED!-103109

This is just so unfair.
They don't even get the right amount of money that they deserve.

Below is what the court has presented as the content of the members' contracts. The contract has been modified 5 times since their debut, so this is the overall review.

1. TVXQ has received $0 from their album sales till July 2008, and a very small amount after.

Before the fifth modification that the company made with their contract, it stated that the profit from albums and singles with sales less than 500,000 copies would go 100% to SM Entertainment, which left the members with nothing. There has been no Korean album that have exceeded 500,000 album sales between the time of TVXQ's debut and their 4th album Mirotic, which was the first album in Korea to sell over 500,000 albums for a long time.

On July 1 2008, the company changed the contract so each member would get 1% from album sales that exceeded 200,000 copies. For albums that are below that number, they are paid 0.6% to nothing. Through these terms, TVXQ has not earned a single cent since February 2009.

2. TVXQ has received $0 from sales of concert DVD's and albums with recordings from concerts.

The contract stated that the members are not entitled to get any profit from concert DVD's and "live" albums.

3. TVXQ received $0 from their appearances in TV programs.

In the contract, the members do not have a right to receive the shares made from appearances on television programs if they are featured in only one episode or if their appearance is temporary. SM has kept all the profit from TV shows where TVXQ were guests.

4. For other ways of getting profit, SM subtracts the total amount with all the expenses that the company has paid for them, including clothing, salary of company staff, stage preparation, rent, food expenses, and etc., which only leaves a fraction for the members of TVXQ.

As for all other sources of income, the contract says that the members do not get the full "net income", but only get a percentage of it. The contract states that the "net income" is the profit remaining after deducting their operating costs, which is the money that the company spends on them. The operating costs include expenses that are to be covered by the employer, such as salaries of the staff (manager, clothing coordinators, makeup artists, dance coordinators, back dancers, etc.), performance stages, living expenses which include water and electricity bills, travel expenses which include plane tickets, and meal expenses. The company might add something in addition to deduct more from the net income.

In conclusion, TVXQ actually received anywhere from 1% to 5% from all of their activities, which depending on how you look at it can still add up to 7 figures or more but still many consider this to be unfair.

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[News] Yunho's heading to the ground cut short

Heading to the ground
, a drama which stars popular TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki leader Yunho and actress Go Ara, will be finishing earlier than planned.

Originally, the drama was slated to have 20 episodes but there will be no happy ending. Due to very poor ratings, it's been decided that the 16th episode, which will air on November 4th, will be the final episode. The final episode has been re-cut / re-edited so that the show can tie up the storyline and have an early ending. MBC hopes that their new drama that's going to replace HTTG, Hero, starring Lee Jun Ki will resurrect their ratings.

This is quite unfortunate for Yunho, but I'm sure he'll use this as a learning tool for any future acting endeavours.

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[NEWS]Court rules partial provisional disposition of exclusive belonging terms for TVXQ’s contract with SM Ent[

The court has gave out the final ruling on the lawsuit between the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki and SM Entertainment.

Seoul Central Court revealed on 27th October a citation of their ruling for the lawsuit between the SM Entertainment and TVXQ Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun.

It was revealed, “We see that part of the terms in their contract has much destroyed the good morals of the whole contract. SM Entertainment should not interfere with its singers’ independent unique activities and also contract to perform and other entertainment activities.”

Previously in July, the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki has revealed their 13-year long contract under SM Entertainment, which meant that they will possibly be working under SM Entertainment for life, and has applied for the effect of provisional disposition of the terms in their contract. And the 2 parties have engaged in a lawsuit as SM Entertainment insist that the terms under their contract are reasonable.

The court also revealed, “Through the individual agreement, there is high possibility for group activities to continue, but for the provisional disposition of the existing activities and the profit allocation, it is invalid and difficult. We will have to dismiss the application for the full provisional disposition of the effects of the exclusive belonging terms in the contract.”

The court ruled partial disposition of the exclusive contract terms – to dispose of the SM Ent’s interference to the members’ independent unique activities and also contract to perform and other entertainment activities

But the part about profit allocation will still have to stay

Updates: The 3 members have announced that they will agree to the court rulings on this lawsuit

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[VID] TVXQ, The Secret Documentary

The highly anticipated MBC documentary episode of The Secret featuring TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki has finally aired!

The documentary covers it all, from their childhood, to their success in Japan, and also the recent controversies and lawsuit with SM Entertainment. Like previously mentioned, it should also contain interviews from the members themselves, teachers, close ones, trainees, composers, producers, etc. I know most of you can't understand it but we'll update this article when english subs are released, for now enjoy the video below.

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[Trans] 091020 Women's Weekly - TVXQ's Junsu Secretly Opened A Pho Restaurant

T/N: Rough translation for some parts about the dispute w/SM

Photo caption 1: The Pho from Junsu's shop
Photo caption 2: Taken at the end of last year, Junsu was at a ramen shop, talking and laughing with the members

"Junsu recently opened a new restaurant that serves the Vietnamness cuisine "Pho", in Seoul City." (Korean reporter)

Tohoshinki is in the middle of a dispute with their managing company. On 30th September, the 3 members who filed the case, Jejung (23), Yuchun (23), Junsu (22), went to court, but an agreement could not be reached. The other 2 members did not participate in the case, but they are facing adversity.

"As Yunho's (23) drama ratings are low, so it has been rumoured that it will be cut short. As for Changmin (21) who confirmed his participation in his first drama, at the end of August; at this point in time, there has been no progress in the filming." (Korean TV Station contact).

Also, Junsu has no project of his own, is in a state of "isolation", and he opened a new restaurant in the midst of that.

From 7th September onwards, I saw Junsu coming to the shop for three consequtive days." (Regular customer)

This shop is located in Seoul City, and serves Vietnamness cuisine. This reporter went down to try out the Pho, which is a kind of noodle, and the healthy Pho (T/N: not sure on the meat) is especially popular amongst the OL.

"Junsu was talking to the kitchen staff, and he was having a meeting with them. He didn't exit to the hall, but he was wearing the same outfit on the second day, while he was in the kitchen. I suppose he's helping out in the restaurant?"

So Ji Sup's former manager and TVXQ's close friend Lim Yong Pil are also a part of this restaurant. Previously, Yong Pil was seen frequently meeting up with Yuchun and Junsu privately. On the 6th, he wrote in his homepage, "Finally, I've started a business with my younger brothers (TVXQ)." Also, the part that said, "Managing it with Junsu" raised a lot of interest. (Reporter from a Korean Newspaper).

On the 18th September, Yuchun and Changmin enjoyed their meal there together. Mostly likely to show their support for Junsu. My friend also saw Jejung at the shop on the 11th September.

"The fans don't want the 5 of them to disband. TVXQ is made up of 5 people. Of course, the members and fans have strong bonds, and this thought is something that cannot be disregarded. The members have always been too busy up until now, so this is a 'recharging period' for them before they continue sprinting ahead." (Female, Korean weekly magazine reporter)

After their recharge, the 5 members have a power-up, and we will be anticipating that.

Source: [chacha + SYC]
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[Trans] 091020 TVXQ's Yunho, "Lonely."

TVXQ's Yunho (real name Jung Yunho) is currently acting in MBC's drama "Heading to the Ground". He shared his thoughts on being away from the group and entering the acting career.

Yunho said this in response to an interview he did with fashion magazine "W", for their November issue, where he also did a gravure photoshoot. Yunho said, "It's difficult since its a heavy role, but I'm putting a lot of effort into acting", and showed the spirit of acting.

Coming from his background as a singer, when asked on how he felt about debuting alone as a new actor, Yunho answered, "Lonely. But I think this is just the process of growing pains. I have to grow."

Officials from "W" magazine informed that, "Although it was very difficult to do the gravure photoshoot and interview after his drama filming and rehearsals for their Shanghai concert, he was bright and full of energy on the set."

Source: [STARNEWS/chosunonline]
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[News] SS501, “About DBSK’s Situation, It’s Sad Because We Are Colleagues”

SS501 expressed their feelings about group Dong Bang Shin Ki amidst this time where they are in danger of disbandment.

During their 1st Asia concert tour Persona concert press conference in Taiwan Taipei on 17th October, SS501 said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki is the representative group in Korea, and now that they are in such an uncertain time, as colleagues we feel sad about it. We hope that the situation will turn out well eventually.”

SS501 and Dong Bang Shin Ki have been put in comparison since the 2 group’s debut. But recently with the ongoing trial between the 3 members from Dong Bang Shin Ki and their management company, SS501 has also shown concern to the situation.

SS501 also spoke about recent cases of idol group members and their mishaps and mistakes, “Even though a mistake is a mistake, sometimes we are also under a lot of finger-pointing. Even so, we feel that entertainers should be careful with their actions and words.”

Source: Sookyeong
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[Scans] Yunho in W Korea Magazine November Issue

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[Scans] Yunho for Evisu in Nylon Magazine November Issue "different strokes"

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[Photos] Yuchun & Jaejuko Engagement Ceremony (Bigeastation 133)

OMO jae's face...soooo cuteeee!! *pinch*

Jaejuko: Yuchun..NO!!..I can't live without you!!
Yuchun: Jaejuko..MARRY ME! Shoyu koto

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[Info] Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT Details

[Reservation period]
October 20, 2009 (Tue) 16:00 – October 26, 2009 (Mon) 18:00

[Time and Venue]

2010/1/19 (Tue)
Kobe World Hall
(1st performance)
Open / Start 14:00 / 15:00

2010/1/19 (Tue)
Kobe World Hall
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:00

2010/1/20 (Wed)
Kobe World Hall
(1st performance)
Open / Start 14:00 / 15:00

2010/1/20 (Wed)
Kobe World Hall
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:00

2010/1/27 (Wed)
Sendai: Sekisui Heim Super Arena
(1st Performance)
Open / Start 14:00 / 15:00

2010/1/27 (Wed)
Sendai: Sekisui Heim Super Arena
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:00

2010/1/30 (Sat)
Yokohama Arena
(1st performance)
Open / Start 13:00 / 14:30

2010/1/30 (Sat)
Yokohama Arena
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 18:00 / 19:30

2010/1/31 (Sun)
Yokohama Arena
(1st performance)
Open / Start 12:00 / 13:30

2010/1/31 (Sun)
Yokohama Arena
(2nd performance)
Open / Start 17:00 / 18:30

[Ticket price]
5,500 yen (tax + ticket shipping included)

[Verification period]
November 2, 2009 (Mon) 12:00 – November 9, 2009 (Mon) 23:00

[Notification]- For Bigeast members only
- If you’d like to have seats in sequence order, then put the name of one representative when ordering. One name is only up to three companions.
- If the companions are not Bigeast members, then it’s not allowed.
- One person can only apply once, modification cancellation is not allowed.

source: bigeast site + jeasuyu + rina
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[Trans]091016 MBC Every1 To Make Documentary About TVXQ

This e-mail was released by Kim Euna who represented Cassiopeia at a debate on the exclusive contract problem back in August. She received this e-mail from MBC Every1.

This is Screenwriter Yoon Hae Jeong of MBC Every1.
First I would like to say that I am extremely happy to be able to send my message to all of our Cassiopeia, and I am very thankful! It's nice to meet you~

At MBC Everyone, we are creating a program dubbed 'Star Documentary" that tells of the hidden stories of the stars dating from their childhood all the way up to right before their debuts, and we would like to include a DBSK episode.
Since we cannot leave Cassiopeia out of the process of making a documentary about DBSK, we are contacting you because we wanted to talk about this with Cassiopeia.

In the 30 minute documentary, we will be including interviews from fans and close friends who watched the members mature from childhood until their debut. We hope to tell the touching yet almost unknown story of how DBSK became Asia's top artiste. We would like to include their stunning musicality that has been ignored due to their 'idol' status, their overseas activities, and each member's efforts, passion, sweat and tears to achieve his dream of becoming a singer.

This is why it would be impossible for us to continue without the help of Cassiopeia, and because this program was designed to show our love and affection for DBSK, we believe that this documentary should be made through the views and voices of Cassiopeia.
That is why we are not only asking for interviews, but are also asking for what stories should be included in this program because we would like this to be a program where people will be able to feel the warmth and love of each and every member of Cassiopeia.

Although it may be a stretch to create such a documentary about DBSK, especially in such a sensitive situation, but we believe that what everyone needs right now is a documentary like this. A documentary filled with the dreams and passions of their lives... And we believe that a documentary that is filled with the love of the fans will be a great strength to the members to help them endure this situation.

The program will be as follows
Proposed broadcasting date: 2009 October 20th (ish)
Proposed interviewers: The friends of members, teachers, close people, trainers, fellow trainees, composers...and Cassiopeia!
Proposed content: Interview + never before seen footage from pre-debut and videos of their overseas activities that aren't well-known to the public in Korea+Japan, China promotions

We will make a great program. We are awaiting your replies~~

Source: [MBC Every1+Daum Television+DNBN]
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[Trans] 091015 Kakihara Tetsuya's Entry on Tohoshinki

Hey there hey there

Isn't this Tohoshinki!

There were so many posters of them in Seoul.

As expected, they're so popular in their homeland Korea♪

Well then...

At that train station...

Hello, I am a new member. (it's a lie)

I got high spirit by playing around like this.

T/N: Kakihara Tetsuya is a popular seiyuu (voice actor) who's been acting in many animes. Read more about him here:

Source: Kakihara Tetsuya's blog (
Translation: linhkawaii @
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[Trans] 091012 TVXQ 3 Members vs. SM, Last Document Submission On The 12th

Source: [Star News+DNBN]
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[Trans] 091012 Entertainment Agencies Cross The Line And Violate Human Rights

Source: [munhwa journal 21+DNBN]
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[VID] New'' SHINee MV

Another awesome Music video from SHINee!DBSK must be proud of them for working so hard. =]

Credits: Jheane718 @Youtube
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Friday, October 16, 2009

[News] Colors ~Melody And Harmony~ & 4th Live Tour DVD Achieves Gold On RIAJ

status/title/artist/release date/company
gold/ Junen Sakura/ AKB48/ 20090304/ King Records
gold/ Namida Surprise!/ AKB48/ 20090624/ King Records
gold/ Iiwake Maybe/ AKB48/ 20090826/ King Records
gold/ TsuruGisan/ Kitayama Takeshi/ 20090121/ Teichiku Records
gold/ COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter/ Jejung&Yuchun (from Tohoshinki)/ 20090930/ Avex

status/title/artist/release date/company
platinum/ TOUR 2∞9 PUZZLE/ Kanjani∞/ 20090923/ Teichiku Records
gold/ Namie Amuro Best Fiction tour 2008-2009/ Namie Amuro/ 20090909/ Avex
gold/ KinKi you DVD/ KinKi Kids/ 20090930/ Johnny's Entertainment
gold/ 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME/ Tohoshinki/ 20090930/ Avex

gold is selling over 100, 000 copies^^

Source: RIAJ
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[TRANS] 091015 Jung Yunho - Filming Stops Due To Facial Muscles Contracting

It has been belatedly revealed that actor Jung Yunho fainted during a shooting.

On the 12th, Jung Yunho's facial muscles contracted during the shooting and he was rushed to the hospital.

On the 15th, one official from 'Heading To The Ground' told Money Today Star News that, "As we approached the 70% mark of the drama's filming, it became apparent that stamina plays a big part."

The official also said that Jung Yunho, despite being told to rest up after treatment at the hospital, returned to shooting the drama on the 13th. The official went on to say that on top of the weeks of all-night shootings and the stress of the lead role, the controversy of his acting and the mental stress weighed down on Jung Yunho's state/condition.

On the other hand, BongGoon (Jung Yunho) and SeungWoo's (Lee SangYoon) conflict in 'Heading To The Ground' is making things interesting.

Source: [Star News+DNBN]
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[News] 091015 U-Know Yunho Got Hospitalized, HTTG Shooting Stopped

he must be so tired..T__T
hope he'll fine soon!!
leader-ssi please stay healthy!!!

On the last October 12th MBC “Heading To The Ground” shooting, Yunho all of sudden got pale face and immidiately was taken to hospital.

Today on the 15th one of “Heading To The Ground” official meeting with MStar News said, “After now the drama shooting is already finished 70%, seems that the his physic finally got effected.”

U-Know Yunho got treatment for a while on hospital, however, on the 13th afternoon he had already return shooting, as the official revaled. Having couple of weeks late night shooting, burden to be the lead actor, and many controversies of his acting has lead him to much mental stress.

source: 정윤호
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[Trans]091011 DBSK – In The Eyes of Various Korean Celebrities!

Dong Bang Shin Ki are the senior singers that we like. They are good at singing, and we also study their dance move and stage performance. We also see them as a role model in term of self-development. – G-Dragon (BigBang)

They have the ability to attract one attention the moment they stepped on stage, and to see their awesome performance even in this economy downturn for music industries, therefore I’m hoping to see many music groups who is the same as Dong Bang Shin Ki, not to take them as imitate target, but to have the same influential ability as them, to brighten up this industries. – Tony An (Former H.O.T member)

Dong Bang Shin Ki dance is full of energy, it will be a pity if they can’t go on ‘Live’. Their live performances would normally attract your full attention unknowingly. – Bae Ji Yeong (Singer)

Seen their performance, though there are still improvement to make, but we also have to praise them for what they have done great too. They are skillful in singing, improved a lot as compare to their debut time. Keep in mind not to rush it will be good. – Kim Jong Seo (Senior rock singer)

While doing some event, many singers would wave and greet to me, but if I missed them, they would normally walked pass. But remember once I didn’t notice Dong Bang Shin Ki were greeting to me, and they actually came closer and greet me, which really amazed me. They are really polite. – Sung Si Kyung (Singer)

Xiah JunSu, his voice is the precious treasure of Asia. – Mazio Kiyoshi

Many had covered our songs, but the one performanced by Xiah JunSu of Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best I have heard. – Big Mama (Powerful girl group)

We do not have anything better than them to give them, instead we have a lot to learn from them. Our lovely younger brothers, Dong Bang Shin Ki. – BUZZ

They are really sincere, though we once work together on variety show, but it’s difficult to see them nowadays. They are a group of youth who put in their best in life. – Park Soo Hong (MBC Famous MC)

If only I’m part of Dong Bang Shin Ki, there isn’t any band that is as strong and reliable as them. – Kim Gun Mo (Debut for 16 years, Korean famous pop artist)

Had some interaction with them before, they are idols who are shining brightly, whose deserve love from others. Therefore keep on working hard, be happy, fighting! – Lee Se Jun (YuRiSangJa)

Before seeing them, they are like the cloud above the sky, but once you get to know them, they are really sincere, never put up an air of a star, very sociable. – MC Lee Kim Seon

Dong Bang Shin Ki, are the singers that I most approve of. – Lee Seung Chul (Singer)

[Dream of Goose] that sang by Hero JaeJoong is the best among others. He is good at singing, with good look, and everyone know that it’s difficult to sing and dance at the same time. As compare to me, they had put in much more. – In Sooni

Senior Dong Bang Shin Ki is very humble, though they are the best group in Asia, but is always modest, someone who I respect of. – FT Island

Dong Bang Shin ki singing skill is the best among all idol groups, and their charisma on stage is also the best. – 21c artist

They are good. From what I remember they always put in their best to socialize with their friendliness. You can always see their smile, and not the tired side of them. To speak the truth, there are still rooms for improvement for their Japanese, not being able to fully express themselves. But they always tried their best in Japan variety show, ask whenever they are unsure, and remember them. They had put in a lot of effort in order to perform well. – Huluya Masayoki

In term of live concert, the one and only singer who I’m impressed of is Dong Bang Shin Ki, they are really awesome! Attend their concert without prejudice, and you will see how good they really are, even if they are not good looking, they can still be the male version of Big Mama. Therefore I wish everyone can see their performance without any prejudice. – Yang Hyun Suk (CEO of YG Ent.)

I had listen to all Dong Bang Shin Ki album, people who never listen to them before will never know how extensive Hero JaeJoong’s voice is, and how perfect his high notes are, how magnetism Xiah JunSu’s vocal is, and will never know how great [ONE] is. – Jiang Min Yang (Popular music commenter)

The Dong Bang Shin Ki everyone know is polite and sincere, a group of very outstanding juniors. – Jung Sun-hee (Comedian, MC)

Dong Bang Shin Ki is the most polite junior – PD of [SHOW! MUSIC TANK]

Seems like they are not aware of their achievement, and as always greeting all the staff politely, they never change. – Reporter of limited TV program

They are the most charming juniors among all others, and definitely showing the best performances. – Eric (Shinhwa)

Dong Bang Shin Ki look charming, is really good. Though they are idol group, but they excel in dancing, singing and appearance. They seems like having fun on stage, even their dance moves are attractive, with charming expressions, looking forwards for them. – GOD

It’s a pity that they are idol group, they never lost to any other groups in term of music. They are the most potential group among others, Xiah JunSu and hero JaeJoong’s vocals are not worse than any other singers. They are a awesome group. – KANJI (Music composer)

They are great, and improved a lot as compare to the past. But people always have prejudice towards idol groups, which is a problem. Besides their great performance on stage they are also talented in many other areas. – Yeban (Singer)

On July 2004, the first time I met Dong Bang Shin Ki, and they left a deep impression in me. Seeing the impact they have on China fans, I’m proud of them for bringing Korea culture oversea. The sweat and hardwork Dong Bang Shin Ki are the purely charisma. – Andre Kim (Famous Designer)

There aren’t many who can sell their album under this economy downturn, but Dong Bang Shin Ki did it. Their fans include not only the 10’s but also the 20’s and 30’s. The dance and singing skill of Dong Bang Shin Ki had been approved in this every changing idol industries. – Nell (South Korea indie rock band)

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Qoute Insooni: [Dream of Goose] that sang by Hero JaeJoong is the best among others. He is good at singing, with good look, and everyone know that it’s difficult to sing and dance at the same time. As compare to me, they had put in much more.

soooooooooo true!!!
if you haven't watch the you watch it and prove it!^^

Se7en, Eru, Lee Seung Ki, Jae Joong & In Sooni - Goose Dream


Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Info] Buy Your Ticket For MIROTIC Tour In Shenzhen

November 21st, Shenzhen Stadium

I just received this email, it can help people from abroad who want to go to the concert.
This mail is from Vicky Chen at

Tickets will become available on Friday evening, october 16th.

As you're overseas, we can reserve tickets only after receiving your payment. If you still fail to pay online and need us to reserve tickets, please transfer the money on Thursday, which is faster so that we can check the payment and reserve the tickets on Friday. Or we have to wait till Monday, cause I'm not in the office during the weekends.

About seats
Sorry that you cannot choose the seats, the office lady will print out tickets according to the time customers transfer money. Thus better seats for earlier payers. And there are already a large amount of orders.

About Delivery
We highly suggest you come to pick up the tickets. I'll give a conformation in bingual language (in English and Chinese), with the order number, already payment, customer name, office address, and office hours all included). Please bring the confirmation to Shenzhen office to show the office lady and pick up tickets. It's easy. Don't worry.

Or we can deliver tickets to your Shenzhen hotel in advance (without charge) and ask the hotel receiption to reserve tickets for you.

Mailing to overseas is not safe. Because the office lady in Shenzhen have to deal with large amount of orders and they never mail tickets to overseas before. I'm afraid she cannot make it the right way. And also it will cost you a lot of extra money.

For payment
Online payment (Visa/Mastercard)
Western Union Payment
You can go to your nearby Western Union Locations to send the payment to our appointed receiver, after remittance, please tell us the Money Remittance No. by telephone (86-10-64177845) or E-mail (, we will deliver your tickets after receiving your payment.
Receiver:Zhang Rui (First Name:Rui, Surname: Zhang)
Address: 7th Floor, Building 32, Dongzhong Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China.(Postcode: 100027)
City: Beijing
Account Expected: USD
Bank transfer:

No need to make a call before a reservation if you're not chinese fluent, Vickie Chen is not english fluent when it's about talking but you can mail her in english. She replies to all the mails, not immediatly but she does reply. Once you made your reservation online, call her to confirm.

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[Photos] 091002 DBSK at Shanghai Mirotic Concert - Part 3

i love this pictures!!!

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