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[Trans] 091005 Serious Abuse of Rights Against Entertainers

'Forced and unwanted banquets, verbal abuse, physical abuse, etc.'

Many had been pointing out the serious abuse of rights by entertainment agencies. Not just forcing to drink alcohol, but also verbal and physical abuse, and unwanted physical contact is happening right now in the society. Even popular Korean world stars are not guaranteed of their rights. It is said that unfair requirements and threats toward entertainers by the agencies are not just about working for a company, but now interpreted as a serious abuse of rights.

Congressman Jae-il Byeon said that the result of the survey about the working environment of entertainers and its errors showed unwanted drinking, violence, undesired physical contact, arrangement and offer of unwanted sponsors.

As shown, people now cannot depend only on the self-controlling market, seeing the widespread happening of abuse against entertainers. Especially now when the debuting age in the media is becoming younger, there is needed improvement by the government seeing the reality.

A good example for this incident is TVXQ, the world-famous group, which the members could not guarantee their rights as humans. The contractual relationship between the agency and the entertainer/s is quite exploting that there has been specific details about contracts being hidden to the entertainers done by the agencies, which reminds us of slavery contracts.

The survey mentioned above is claiming mainly the problems regarding needed improvements like the distribution of wages. Just and fair contract means that there must be government action about corruption in entertainment world, protecting the rights of every person.

Now the art of media in Korea has influenced a lot of people abroad, producing a large industry. Even the entertainment world has become important to the economy, and research shows that people working in media-related things are in a difficult situation nowadays, such as having 'slave contracts,' taking so many risks just to have the career they want.

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