Friday, October 16, 2009

[News] 091015 U-Know Yunho Got Hospitalized, HTTG Shooting Stopped

he must be so tired..T__T
hope he'll fine soon!!
leader-ssi please stay healthy!!!

On the last October 12th MBC “Heading To The Ground” shooting, Yunho all of sudden got pale face and immidiately was taken to hospital.

Today on the 15th one of “Heading To The Ground” official meeting with MStar News said, “After now the drama shooting is already finished 70%, seems that the his physic finally got effected.”

U-Know Yunho got treatment for a while on hospital, however, on the 13th afternoon he had already return shooting, as the official revaled. Having couple of weeks late night shooting, burden to be the lead actor, and many controversies of his acting has lead him to much mental stress.

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