Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Info] Buy Your Ticket For MIROTIC Tour In Shenzhen

November 21st, Shenzhen Stadium

I just received this email, it can help people from abroad who want to go to the concert.
This mail is from Vicky Chen at

Tickets will become available on Friday evening, october 16th.

As you're overseas, we can reserve tickets only after receiving your payment. If you still fail to pay online and need us to reserve tickets, please transfer the money on Thursday, which is faster so that we can check the payment and reserve the tickets on Friday. Or we have to wait till Monday, cause I'm not in the office during the weekends.

About seats
Sorry that you cannot choose the seats, the office lady will print out tickets according to the time customers transfer money. Thus better seats for earlier payers. And there are already a large amount of orders.

About Delivery
We highly suggest you come to pick up the tickets. I'll give a conformation in bingual language (in English and Chinese), with the order number, already payment, customer name, office address, and office hours all included). Please bring the confirmation to Shenzhen office to show the office lady and pick up tickets. It's easy. Don't worry.

Or we can deliver tickets to your Shenzhen hotel in advance (without charge) and ask the hotel receiption to reserve tickets for you.

Mailing to overseas is not safe. Because the office lady in Shenzhen have to deal with large amount of orders and they never mail tickets to overseas before. I'm afraid she cannot make it the right way. And also it will cost you a lot of extra money.

For payment
Online payment (Visa/Mastercard)
Western Union Payment
You can go to your nearby Western Union Locations to send the payment to our appointed receiver, after remittance, please tell us the Money Remittance No. by telephone (86-10-64177845) or E-mail (, we will deliver your tickets after receiving your payment.
Receiver:Zhang Rui (First Name:Rui, Surname: Zhang)
Address: 7th Floor, Building 32, Dongzhong Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China.(Postcode: 100027)
City: Beijing
Account Expected: USD
Bank transfer:

No need to make a call before a reservation if you're not chinese fluent, Vickie Chen is not english fluent when it's about talking but you can mail her in english. She replies to all the mails, not immediatly but she does reply. Once you made your reservation online, call her to confirm.

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