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[TRANS] 091009 Bigeast Magazine Volume 14 - Yunho's "I LOVE TO TRAVEL"




“Where Yunho wants to go”

In Bigeast Vol. 9, we introduced Yunho’s favorite places, selected from the fans’ recommendation list. This time, Yunho enthusiastically speaks of the places he wants to go!

Staff: Can you please tell us where you want to go now?
Yunho: YES! I have two places, is it okay?
S: Of course, so first..
S: You’ve been answering Las Vegas in many magazines. Have you ever been there before?
YH: Yes, I think it was in May 2008. All five members went there to shoot a Korean photobook! I was so impressed by the beautiful night view, and was really fascinated by the entertainment atmosphere of the whole town.
S: Las Vegas is famous for its shows. Did you have time to go to the shows?
YH: Yes, we had time, so we saw the shows of “Cirque du Soleil,” “O,” and “KA”! That was surprising!
S: Yes, we know. “O” and “KA” are very popular shows in Las Vegas.
YH: Yes. We have performed on stage many times as Tohoshinki, but we don’t have many chances to be on the audience side. It was totally fresh and new. After the show, we had a new dream, “Oh! We want to show these kinds of performances one day!” For me, the most impressive part of Las Vegas were these two shows, “O” and “Ka”!!
S: Oh, you are truly the leader of Tohoshinki. You are always thinking about Tohoshinki!
YH: Of course!!
S: Well, Las Vegas is famous for its shows, but it is also famous for casinos, too. Did you go to the casino?
YH: …Yes (grins)
S: That face… So you won??
YH: Yes, I won! I only did the slot machine, and I started with only 1 cent, but in the end, it became $500!!!
S: WOW! But Yunho… starting with 1 cent… (Lol)
YH: Yes… I regretted that… I should have started with 1. When I turn the slot, it always matched. (Lol) It was so surprising, but I was very happy.
S: You have a happy memory of the place, so I think you want to go back one day?
YH: Yes. If there was a multi-dimensional door, I would first go to Las Vegas. (Lol)
S: So, one was Las Vegas. Where is the other place you want to go now?
YH: The Grand Canyon. We also went there to shoot pictures for a Korean photobook.
S: Did you climb to the very top?
YH: Of course! I did some rock climbing, too!! Cactus was growing on the rocks, and it was a bit painful… (wry smile)
S: Oh… (Lol)… Did you put on the lifelines?
YH: No, I didn’t. The height was only 3m, so we were told that there were no lifelines… So we put in high spirits, “The shooting involves a grave risk!” and faced the shooting. (Lol)
S: That’s just like you, Yunho! (Lol)
YH: Yes! Thank you!
S: Changing the subject, why do you want to go to the Grand Canyon again?
YH: When I climbed to the very top of the Grand Canyon, I thought that “I might never be able to come here again…” Then, I was truly touched by… It gave me power.
S: What kind of power?
YH: I thought that I should do my best for everyone, keeping the impressive feeling I felt at the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon gave me power to help everyone!
S: You are already making many people happy and also helping them out. Is it your target to go furthermore!!?
YH: It is not enough, now~! My dream is volunteering!!
S: You are really fantastic~~ So for the last, please tell me where you want to go, a place you’ve never been to!
YH: An uninhabited island. (Immediate reply)
S: …What? An uninhabited island??! Why??
YH: I think that life is an uninhabited island.
S: What? Please explain.
YH: During your lifetime, you will have troubles and come upon big hurdles. When you are in an uninhabited island, there should be many hurdles, so I thought it would be the same.
S: Oh, I see. So are you going to the island alone?
YH: NO! We five will go together, then we can realize that what one couldn’t do alone could be achieved by all five members. I feel that we can get power to overcome big hurdles.
S: But, going to an uninhabited island will be hard for you~
YH: Umm, my wish is to stay overnight.
S: …Really? That’s too short!! Staying overnight! (Lol)
YH: Then… A 3-day trip!! (Lol)

Source: Bigeast Magazine Volume 14
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