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[Trans] 091011 FRaU November Issue - Jejung and Yuchun Felt the Love from the Other Members

YuChun smiled shyly after being praised 'Sexy' by JeJung who peeked at him during his photoshoot. "I feel really great to be able to work on a music piece with someone who has the same goal as me. But our personalities are really different, I'm more introverted and not very sociable." YuChun who was saying that, seems compatible with the quiet deep ocean background during the photoshoot.

Mika Ninagawa said while pressing the shutter, "Though the atmosphere is quiet, it is not pressurizing. He gave people a sense of responsibility, gentleness and charm." Their single has included the desires to stand on the stage as 5 once again no matter what happens. "We have always been together as 5. As the others are not with us right now, it's embarrassing to say this (laugh~), but I felt the love from them. Therefore, I do not wish to forget the most important thing to me, and this song was written based on this feeling."

Mika Ninagawa expressed, "JeJung is like a big red and elegant flower, while YuChun is someone who has the ability to give others a sense of responsibility and charm even underneath his quiet exterior."

JeJung and YuChun from Tohoshinki, the legendary group, has just released their special unit single. Can you escape their ultimate charisma?
Photo taken by: Mika Ninagawa (T/N: A famous Japanese photographer ; her work pieces are versatile and dreamy, mostly through the use of 'flowers' and 'natural scenes' as the theme. For more information please CLICK)

JeJung and YuChun are famous all over Asia as they are members of Tohoshinki, a 5 member idol group from Korea. Tohoshinki debut in Korea at 2004, and Japan at 2005. This summer, they have also successfully ended their 4th live tour concert at Tokyo Dome. JeJung was born in 1986 and is the lead singer in the group. YuChun was born in 1986 and is in charge of the bass and rap in the group. Both their digital single [Endless Sweet] and single [COLORS~Melody and Harmony~] have been released on 23rd September and 30th September respectively.

Please enjoy our new style.

JeJung and YuChun formed a sub-unit and released a single [COLORS~Melody and Harmony~]. Today, both of them are here in the studio. "Though it is kind of lonely, at least YuChun is with me so I'm feeling better! We want to show everyone a new style of us which is different from when we are all together as 5", JeJung said. While YuChun was having his solo shoot, JeJung who was really mischievous, was disturbing him from the back of the backdrop setting. But once the actual shoot started, he immediately turned into someone who is serious and charming, seemingly like the prince who just walk out from a romance manga.

Mika Ninagawa said, "That's how someone, who is idolized by others, should be! His generous working attitude is really close to my style of working. A few of my works required him to pose in a regal manner, and he was willing to give it a try, which was really remarkable." JeJung who was posing while playing with the flower petals said, "The flower is still prettier than me ah~", which made everyone laugh. His presence always creates a cheerful atmosphere.

Source: TVXQの国度
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