Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[TRANS] TVXQ holding another concert in Shenzhen,China

TVXQ will be holding another concert in China in Shenzhen.

On the 2nd, TVXQ held a concert in the Shanghai, Hongkou Football Stadium for 40,000 fans. On this day, the members of TVXQ shed tears when the fans held up placards that said "I Believe" in Korean.

TVXQ are planning to recreate this emotional scene with their concert called 'TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour-MIROTIC in Shenzhen' at the Shenzhen Gymnasium on November 21st.

The tickets which fans will be able to pre-order until the 14th range in price from the cheapest Standing ticket of 280 Yuan to that of the most expensive ticket at 980 Yuan. But Chinese fans have not been deterred and a flood of pre-orders have already taken place.

On the other hand, a very recent picture of member Changmin who seemed underweight has caused fans to voice the opinion that, "The members are having to adhere to a too rigorous schedule." The fans said, "We are worried about the members' health as they are performing this concerts without resting in between."

Source: [sports chosun+DNBN]
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