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[Trans] 091005 A Tearful 'Last' Concert?

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■ Jaejoong, Yoochun: A 'tearful Shanghai concert,' why?
"We trust in TVXQ as one."
----- Around 40,000 fans believing it would mean the reunion of members -- the concert being a hopeful performance

■ 'Jaejoong's and Yoochun's sorrowful tears... Why?'
People are now giving attention to the background of the story when Jaejoong and Yoochun from TVXQ showed tears while performing at the concert.

They could not stop their tears from coming out while they were doing an encore song at the "TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert -- MIROTIC" that took place at Shanghai's Hongkou Stadium on the 2nd of October 2009. The two members, together with Junsu, are the ones who sued SM Entertainment to apply for a provisional disposition of revising their contract with the company. Going through enmity many times with SM Entertainment, they showed their suppressed emotion at last in front of many fans. The related personnels, including the fans, are having several interpretations of their sudden action.

Fans are expecting something good from the members' tears. They are hoping, through this concert, that TVXQ would unify. Jaejoong and Yoochun teared up when they saw banner which said "I Believe" shown by fans who numbered over 40,000 at the concert hall.

(Miduhyo) "I Believe" is the title track of TVXQ's first album, so the banner meant more to the members of TVXQ. Some are assuming that the members had a sudden change of mind, seeing the performance of the fans. Plus, Yunho said, "We, the five of us, will never leave the team," making the fans feel moved. In fact, the members had joked with each other, and showed intimate friendship among themselves at the backstage.

Some see the concert last 2nd of October as their last, and that was the reason why the members teared up. (T/N: Despite news about the Shenzhen Concert. It still seems a bit fishy to me) The group TVXQ is not able to have activities as a group because of the case between some members and SM Entertainment. It has been 57 days since 6th of August, an event in Tokyo, Japan, that they had a performance as a group (with compelete members). Some claim that having the last schedule with the whole members, they burst out their uneasy emotions, feeling sorry to each other.

SM Entertainment is looking forward to the reconciliation of the members and of the ones inside the company. They claim that the performance made by fans did not mean any specific things about TVXQ in the future, but the members just became sentimental. The reporting by SM Entertainment last 4th of October did not include the tears of the two members and the performance of the fans. There were just the specifications of the concert.

One person concerned said, "The concert was because of the contract that was made a long time ago. The trouble between TVXQ and SM has become worse than ever. Having the bad situation nowadays, the tears of the members could have meant that they were feeling sorry to the fans."

For the meantime, TVXQ does not have any future group activities in Korea and abroad. Members are now working individually, with Jaejoong and Yoochun working on a single, and Yunho coming out in a drama series entitled "Heading to the Ground" by MBC. With the situation nowadays, people who are related and the fans are paying great attention to the future of TVXQ, and whether the incident could bring a big change to TVXQ and people around them.

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