Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[TRANS] 091005 'SM Dispute' TVXQ Will Continue Their China Concerts in November

Group TVXQ, who are currently locked in a dispute with their agency, will be holding another concert in China this coming November.

TVXQ, who opened a concert in Shanghai, China on the 2nd, will be holding another concert dubbed 'TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour-MIROTIC in Shenzhen' in the Shenzhen Stadium on November 21st. Pre-ordering has started on the 5th on the ticketing site http://live.damai.cn/sz/ticket_12870.html.

The problem is whether or not the event will be accomplished. This is because TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu have been in a dispute with their agency SM Entertainment over their exclusive contract since July 31st. They are currently awaiting the verdict that has yet to come.

Even if the Courts make a decision in favor of the three members and the exclusive contract is suspended, all five members will probably perform in the Shenzhen concert. This is because both sides have stated that, "TVXQ will carry on with all scheduled performances so as to keep their promise with their fans." In fact, other than the 'SM Town Live 09' concert that was scheduled for August 16th, TVXQ has performed every single official overseas activity that they had planned. This was to lessen the shock the fans would have felt.

On the 5th, a SME representative stated, "TVXQ will perform all their scheduled activities as long as there are no mishaps that occur."

On the other hand, TVXQ met 40,000 Chinese fans at the Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium on the 2nd and held a large-scale concert. The fans held placards that said "I Believe" in Korean (믿어요), and the members were very touched by this gesture.

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