Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[TRANS] 'SM Dispute' TVXQ, On The Brink Of An Oricon Record

Will TVXQ be able to rewrite the history of the Oricon Charts again?

Group TVXQ, who has already set the record as the foreign artiste with the most 1st places on the Oricon daily chart, are on the brink of becoming the foreign artiste with the most weekly wins as well.

According to Oricon Style on the 5th, the project duet single that YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun released on the 30th of September named 'COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~' was number 1 on the daily Oricon charts for five days straight until October 4th. This makes them a very likely candidate for the number one spot on the weekly Oricon Chart this week.

If TVXQ becomes number one on the Weekly Oricon Chart, the group would be setting a record with a total of seven weekly first. TVXQ's 27th single 'Share the World/We Are' that was released on April cemented them as the foreign artiste with the most weekly wins on the Oricon Chart when it reached number one on the weekly charts.

Starting from TVXQ's 'Purple Line' released on January of 2008, TVXQ has been number 1 for the Weekly Charts with 'Beautiful You/Thousand year love Song', 'Doumini coopere...', 'Spell-MIROTIC', 'Bolero/Kiss the baby Sky' and 'Share the World.'

The two members' fortune had been predicted beforehand. They were first place as the most expected single on the 25th on the Oricon Charts.

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