Sunday, October 11, 2009

[ADMIN POST] New Author^^

YAY! My first post!
Hey guys! Mimi here! New co-author for sweetfig!^^
(tnx to rai unnie for accepting me
though I lack experience in this area~_~)

Please treat me well!
I'm looking forward in working with the sweetfig family
and I can't wait to hear from all of you^^.
I hope you guys will also shower me with love.

I'll do my best to update you with
all the latest happenings on the kpop world.
Please continue to support us^^

if you guys have questions or you just want to say hi,

just email me at:

or you can also visit my personal nonsense blog:

With that I'll *cough* bribe*cough* leave you
just to get on your good side with some HOSU loving...
They are my favorite couple >_<...


echonkz said...

hey mimi!!!^^
welcome here dear,,im heidy a.k.a echonkz...hope we can work together!! XDD

Under the Stars said...

aigooooooo. heidy!
your such a ninja!! hahaha. so fast!
you even beat me. haha

Hi mimi!! this is rai unnie^_^.

All of the authors here are your unnie-s.

*whispers* heidy is the oldest here.



Anonymous said...

ROFL, I already like your sense of humor, Mimi.

Welcome to the Sweetfig team, dearest.

Although I am currently still on hiatus, there's enough time to welcome you with hugsssss ;D

echonkz said...

aiggoooo rai...
now everyone knows im the umma HAHAHAHA...

yey 2pm jay pai2k!!!!of course u're juliana XDD

Calla said...

welcome to the family mimi :)!!!!!!! My name is Fatima a.k.a Calla

Lilonaname said...

AWWWW tnx unnies!
*hugs everyone*
*gives out TVXQ cookies*

Let's do our best! Hwaiting!!!
We're gonna have lots of fun fun fun^^