Saturday, June 20, 2009

[TRANS] 090620 Thank You Mail (Changmin) - Nagoya Day 2

Everyone in Nagoya, Otsukareyama! (T/N: See below for explanation)
This is Changmin!!

Although the weather was hot today as usual, did everyone enjoy yourselves?
I got high till the very end
(could it be because of the hitsumabushi that I ate yesterday?^□^)

It's fun touring this region,
but tomorrow's live will already be the last~
It's lonely(T-T)

We'll perform cheerfully tomorrow as well.
Please continue to cheer for us! Thank you~

T/N: Otsukaresama - Thank you for your hard work. Otsukareyama - Mountain of fatigue. Erm. This is their latest gag. They are trying to be funny^^

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