Saturday, June 27, 2009

[FAN ACCONT] 3rd Mirotic Asia Tour Concert- Press Conference and other stuffs

I’m dead tired and really sleepy, so please forgive my liutypos T_T

Our flight was delayed by two hours and I was already panicking because I wanted to get to the press conference venue early to get good spots. We arrived in Bangkok at about 3:00 pm and my sisters and I were really in a hurry to get through immigration, get our bags, have our money changed, buy Thai sim cards and so on.
I noticed this lady that was holding up a sign that says, “東方神起 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC in Bangkok.” We saw that some fans (Japanese, I think) were approaching the lady. More and more people came after them O_O

We went outside so we can ride the van and get to Pathumwan asap and wow… We saw them boarding a huge bus with the sign mentioned above. I think they’re ALL from Japan. The fans inside were… both young and old ^^; A lot of Bigeast members will be watching the MIROTIC Concert x:

We checked into our hotel, fixed ourselves up a bit and rushed out. We took the Sky Train at the National Stadium and we were pretty much lost D: Omg, Thais are so nice. I was getting desperate and was asking people, “Do you speak English?” and they were all, “No…” or “No English…” This girl beside me called her friend (who knew English) and she let her talk to me so she can give us the directions. So nice <3>

akfdhsk there were so many people at the conference XD Some fans were already standing on chairs and they were all singing the lyrics of “MIROTIC” and “Wrong Number.” They were still in their uniforms XD So cute, hahaha~ We pushed our way through the crowd and ended up somewhere in the middle. I was tall, so I had no problems viewing the stage *shot* But there were people holding up banners and stuff, so it got a bit annoying. The screams of “Dong Bang Shin Ki! Dong Bang Shin Ki!” were getting louder and louder by the moment, so we knew they were coming *dies*

When the boys came out, we were all D: D: D: I almost cried because Chunface got rid of his ugly hairstyle!! *spazzes* Yunho was stunning as always (guh at those arms XDDD <3) glasses =" just…">

[ Pictures will be posted up at OneTVXQ [legra: which i have psted already]~ I’m still uploading them so Tee could fix them up, but my connection’s being a b!tch :/ ]

The boys said some words and the crowd went wild XD
Yoochun: Don’t wear miniskirts~
Jaejoong: Is it hot??
Yunho: Love you -kiss kiss-
And Yunho was being the awesome leader that he is by repeating what the other members were saying XD Like, Chun would say something and Ho would be all, “What he said is this… *explains*” (According to my friend) LULZ. That’s why one of the MCs in HEY!HEY!HEY! told him off at one time XD *squishes him*

And the rest of it… We didn’t understand anymore XD
People were already rushing to the side of the stage in hopes of touching the boys or something. I think.

Oh yeah! I saw Yuu (suke33), Rella unnie (ohluluvoodoo), Dawn unnie and Sazzy from OneTVXQ (: We were supposed to do some forum business *coughs* but things didn’t go as planned XD My Thai sim ran out of credits and this girl offered to let me use her mobile. afdjfdks so nice, right? D:

After that, we went into Central World, bought some CDs and glowsticks at B2S and met up with [info]srisin unnie for dinner. She gave us our SK tickets already happy.gif I finally met her after three years *raises TVfXQForever banner* After that, one of her friends (I don’t know how to spell her name T_T) dropped us off at 7-Eleven so we could buy prepaid cards.

And now, I’m still spazzing at OneTVXQ when I’m supposed to be sleeping XD *dies*

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