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[TRANS] Nikkan Sports Daily: Changmin’s Interview


Dream to be News Reporter

Changmin (21) is a member who is in charge of “tight” talks in TV program. The youngest member in group, yet the person who takes care the solidness of group (collects important details).

The manager said, “When the other members’ opinion are disjointed, Changmin is the one who unites all the pieces. To take a baseball term… he’s the ‘pinch’.”

Changmin loves to watch sports, in elementary school, he had a dream to be a sports reporter. Even until now, he’s still taking sometime to check on news about baseball and soccer.

When he’s asked about Yakult’s team Lim Chang-Yong, he answered a lot about him, “I know much, right?” with smile.

“To be called as the “pinch” of the team, it’s delightful, however I guess all members also acts like that.” he said shyly.

His father is a Korean teacher, he grew up in a hard working family. Therefore he definitely had no experience in entertainment industry. Changmin was scouted when he’s still in junior high, through his current agency’s audition. “There’s a force that pushed me to follow the audition. Since entertainment is not a world that is close with my family, previously, my parents opposed my decision.” he said.

At the early days of Tohoshinki’s formation, he really felt the age gap among the members. “They’re all just like my seniors. But recently, eventhough we have 1-2 year age gap, we just feel like ordinary friends.”

The 5 members are living together in the same house, and he’s using the living room for sleeping with Junsu (T/N: can I say… LOL LOL LOL??). “The other 3 members and manager just like to walk in and out the living room. I’m happy, but when I need time for myself, I’ll take a walk outside.”

Continue to challenge actively

Because the dream to be on Tokyo Dome stage is already reached, the next goal is to have one million copies sold. In the middle of recession like this, 1 million copies sales seems to be impossible. “The dream of all artists, to perform in front of 100,000 audiences, I’m so glad. But to have 1 million CD sales, I will be even happier.”

If you have a chance to challenge the actor business in Japan

“All members are active in that challenge, I want to do a lot of things people do. If I never come to Japan, I will never think that way. Maybe to perform in other countries wont be bad as well, I just want to do something. We’re all still young, even we might get failed, we would like to challenge as much as possible.”

Changmin with positive thinking, heading to the next dream

Choikang Changmin’s Profile:

- Born February 18th, 1988
- The youngest member
- Tenor
- 186 cm, 61 kg
- Blood type B

- we get along together, when there’s trouble, we’ll like to do brothers talk to each other.

If not become Tohoshinki?
- A news reporter. My childhood dream.

- eating. I’m confidence with my eating ability.

Favorite singer?
- MISIA. A great expressive voice and is so attractive.

Strong and weak point?
- My strong point is my high height. I introduce myself as “Changmin, the tallest member in TVXQ.”
My weak point is I’m shy. Eventhough everyday I meet a lot of people, I have to say something but always ended in silence.

source: Nikkan Sports
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