Friday, July 24, 2009

[Trans] 090724 Kindai Magazine Sept Issue

[Tohoshinki 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~]
Tour Final started in Tokyo Dome (for 2 days). On July 5th (Sunday), when the stage was surrounded in Cyalume (T/N: glow sticks) of Tohoshinki’s colour red, the 5 rose onto the platform with three piece tuxedos (T/N: tux with trousers, waistcoat and jacket). The lead number from their new album [Secret Game] began the performance!

Jaejoong: (T/N: said in the tour) [Is everybody happy?! Is everybody excited? (After hearing tremendous cheers from 50,000 people) Great!]

Changmin: [5 years ago it was very tough learning Japanese. Now, we are able to speak it! I think we have matured a lot.]

For the Tokyo Dome concert, what was not included in the tour before was also added to the performance. Junsu and Yunho performed [XIAHTIC] and [CHECKMATE] which was first revealed in their Asia Tour. They danced and sang very passionately. Also for Changmin, he sang [WILD SOUL] which is in a hard rock style. As for Jaejoong and Yoochun, they performed a song that they had written especially for that day, which was [~COLORS~ Melody and Harmony].

Jaejoong: [When we debuted in Japanese, I remember clearly that only around 200 people came to our first live to support us while we sang. Us now and us then is so different right? To be able to sing and dance in such a huge venue…I was very happy!]

Just before the encore when Tohoshinki were about to sing their new song [Stand By U], the Dome suddenly swept into a blue colour from blue Cyalumes. This surprise left the 5 members expressions of deep gratitude.

Jaejoong: [Thanks so much for that present. Everyone, today I felt extremely happy!]

After the 2nd encore of [Love in the Ice], the 5 members’ eyes started watering…

Jaejoong: [From that point on, I wanted to run and embrace everyone’s vigour and energy. That strong power, I felt it thoroughly!]

Tohoshinki as they are walking around thanking their fans for the support: [Kamsahamnidda! (thank you!)]

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