Friday, July 24, 2009

[TRANS] 090723 Original Photo Book - Information

Choose the cuts that you like, and make one from scratch with your own hands! Create a one of a kind Tohoshinki Original Photo Book! It as also been quickly decided that the photos taken during their nationwide tour “4th LIVE TOUR 2009 〜The Secret Code〜 FINAL in TOKYO DOME”, will be released too!

A total of 6 versions, the Tohoshinki version as well as each member's version, will be released at the same time!!
A compilation of their 4th July Tokyo Dome Live is included. There are plenty of carefully selected photographs!
You have 32 choices out of the 100 photographs that will be published on the Internet.

It is a ground-breaking system which allows you to freely combine the pages as you wish.
This is a customized Photo Book, made from your own hands, which is one of a kind in the world.
Furthermore, there will be signatures on some Photo Books, which are chosen at random from each version.
(Details will be released after the sales begin, please refer to the Photo Book sales site.)

To purchase ⇒

【All 6 Versions】
★東方神起 ver.
★Junsu ver.
★Yuchun ver.
★Jejung ver.
★Changmin ver.
★Yunho ver.

■Sale period: 2009.07.31 (19:00)〜2009.12.31 (24:00)
■Price: ¥3,200 each (Tax included・By shipping)
■Appearance: A4 Size / 38 pages including a member card

★The site can be accessed through you mobile telephone as well.
For the mobile version, please access it through the QR code.

※However, the photos cannot be loaded for selection through mobile access. Please note that the 32 pictures have to be selected in advance.

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