Friday, July 31, 2009

[ADMIN POST] Vote for Echonkz & Sinsoto!

Our beloved authors, Heidy-- who goes by the name of Echonkz, and Sinsoto are participating in the Seoul Infinity Dream Contest! Echonkz has uploaded TWO videos, both are covers of some of our favorite songs: "Box in the Ship" & "Beautiful Thing" by TVXQ. Sinsoto's entry is a Karaoke cover of Tohoshinki's "STAND BY U". Please vote for both of our authors! They're amazing people with a heaping load of potential. Thank you, our lovely readers!

Echonkz's entries:

Vote for Video #1- "Box in the Ship": Here

Vote for Video #2- "Beautiful Thing": Here

's Entry:

Vote for her video- "STAND BY U" (Karaoke Cover): Here

You can view others' video entries here.
**Remember to click the "Discussion" tab next to the "Info" tab under their entries to cast your votes!**

We need your help to cheer them on. Let's support them everyone! We appreciate your vote! We love you guys.

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Anonymous said...

oh my thank you so much!!!! I hope Heidy does very well in the contest! Thanks for supporting us both! =]

echonkz said...

o-owwww,,who did this???????
i think i know....huaaaaa
im so shy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!