Saturday, July 25, 2009

[INFO + PICS] Tohoshinki 2009 A-Nation Official Merchandise

I was scouring the internet and found this hot tidbit! A peek at TOHOSHINKI's 2009 A-Nation goodies! There was a previous post concerning the same but this is TOHOSHINKI's personal merchandise. The previous post was about 2009 A-NATION Merchandise, get it? :) Anyway, thanks to minsarang@wordpress, I was able to share this with our beloved readers. ily, guys <3.>

2009 A-Nation Tohoshinki Merchandise list!:

Water Bottle (

Instant Cooling Packs (3 pcs) (¥1200):

Leisure sheet (¥1500) (A/N: What's a "Leisure Sheet"?):

Hand phone Accessory (¥1000):

Bag (¥700):

Face Towel (¥2000):

Shirt (Sizes S & M) (¥3000):

Fan (Uchiha) (¥500):

Source: DNBN + Soompi
Credits:♥ KPOP JJANG 짱
shared by: ||Asiian Beauty||
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