Sunday, July 26, 2009

[INFO] 090724 「日刊スポーツ」Series Starts On 27/07 (Mon)


8/6(Thur) 【※Preparation for 7th(Fri)】- It has been decided that Tohoshinki will show off their charming personas at the Tokyo Meiji Jingu Fireworks Festival (sponsored by Sports Daily), which will be held at the Japan National Stadium. Please look forward to it!

■Time period for series:7/27(Mon)〜7/31(Fri)- 5 times
■Sale location:Station Vendor・Convenience store・Next to ASA(Asahi Newspaper Shop)
■Price:¥130(Aichi Prefecture・Triple Segment・Gifu・Toyama ¥120) ※Amount before tax

※Series includes various areas (including Okinawa), excluding inserts.
※Please note in advance that changes may be made according to conditions.
※Please note in advance that the number of newspapers are limited and may run out depending on demand.
※Please note in advance that there is no refund of newspapers.
※The newspapers will not be re-published.

[Contact Us]
「日刊スポーツ」(Sports Daily) News Agency – Sales Department
(Tokyo) 03-5550-8866
(Hokkaido) 011-242-3900
(Osaka) 06-7632-7800
(Nagoya) 052-231-1180
(West) 092-436-8712

[Contact Us - Working hours]
2009.7.27 (Mon)11am〜2009.8.3(Mon)5pm
※8.1(Sat)・Excluding 8.2 (Sun)
※Please note that we will not accept inquiries that are not related to Tohoshinki’s participation in the above-mentioned series.

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