Friday, July 24, 2009

[NEWS]Crebeau Nagoya Has Nothing To Do With Any TVXQ Members

Apparently the news abt Jae's Crebeau Jeff in Nagoya is only a rumor.
Here's an an official statement from Crebeau JEFF's manager,one of Jaejoong's older sister to clear things up.

Hello. This is Crebeau JEFF

This is already in the middle of summer. You guys spend the heat in well condition, don’t you?

I would make a noticement about the recent rumor related to Crebeau JEFF that is spread.
You guys, have heard about it?

That Crebeau JEFF will open a store in Nagoya, Japan.

The rumor spread for JEJUNG was spotted to visit Nagoya alone.
Jamshil Crebeau JEFF store is flooded with inquiries due to that.

However, unlike the rumor said,
JEJUNG and us don’t know at all about the Nagoya store is about to open.
Of course, the events and announcements related to it we also have not been related at all.

So, as requested, we have to check the rumor to the head office of Crebeau and the result is this:

The agency is scheduled to open a Crebeau store in Nagoya is a fact, but
The statement that Crebeau JEFF is the one who opens the store is not.

Crebeau agency to open store in Nagoya
Crebeau JEFF on behalf of JEJUNG has no relationship at all.

In the future, for news related to Crebeau JEFF
I promise to be the first site who give you information,
so that you won't be affected again with all rumors related to Crebeau JEFF.

I hope there's no damage happened due to this rumor.
This is hot and humid summer but please have fun.

Thank you.

The above sentence is allowed to freely reprint.
“In that case, I am happy if you would give comments ^ ^”

source: Crebeau JEFF official site
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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