Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[News] 090721 Nikkan Sports praises DBSK

The Japanese media praised DBSK to be "located near the centre of Japanese music".

On the fifth of July, the Japanese newspaper, Nikkan Sports, wrote an article about the Tokyo Dome finale. It said, "DBSK did not rely on their achievements in Korea to gain success in Japan, but they made their status by working hard" and that "within 3 hours of singing 32 songs, no one in the crowd left".

Nikkan Sports stated that: "After four years of hard work, DBSK has proved that their very existence is important to the world of music by this fabulous performance."

Beginning on August 1st, DBSK will be attending the Summer Music Festival of Japan. [A-Nation]

Translated by: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡
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