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[Trans] 090825 Heading to the Ground Filming - Fan Account

25th August

Once it was nightfall, Yunho headed towards Coex again for filming.
Everytime when I hear of a night filming, I get scared.
Scared that it will last really late into the night.
On the day when he was selling chicken sticks, it was raining heavily during the later part of the night, till 5 in the morning.
The day when they went to Gyeonggi to film the eating scenes, it lasted till 2am.

The previous time at Coex, while filming the love triangle scene, it lasted till 2am.
(That day, Ara was rather tough, Yunho had already finished his part but she was still continuing her part with the supporting actor...)

....What time would it end today?

Yunho had worn a white T-shirt, a red jacket and a pair of dark blue pants with a pair of sandals, showing his legs, which made me and the others around realise that he had gotten skinnier again...
Just looking at him like that, its different from the way you see him in the aiport, it's a totally relaxed and casual outfit.

Ara is wearing a red jacket, and eating a lollipop.
Looks like she's feeling pretty good.
Because of the height differences, when filming with Yunho, she would place a box and stand on it.
Yunho looks very relaxed, by the way he was standing.

During rest time, Yunho and Ara started talking while standing, there were times when they would squat down to chat...
Maybe it's just talking, I envy that...

Today, there's a scene where there's water droplets on a tree branch and Ara used her hand to pick it up.
Actually, it was the staff who had splashed some water onto it to make it seem like there's water on it.
No idea how this scene would appear in the drama.

After that, it's a raining scene.
Ara was pointing to something opposite her, and showed a expression that meant that it was hard for her to see what's there.
She looked so serious.
So naive while eating that lollipop too, so cute.
(Wu wu... In the drama, that was exactly how Bong Goon was captivated by her...)
The rain was man-made, at Ara's back.
Because of the rain, Ara held out her hands towards Yunho.
Making a roof-like shape with her hands to cover Yunho from the rain.
(Imagine... two hands crossover and placed on Yunho's forehead)
Yunho then looked at her straight in the eyes.
He then slowly put out his hands, and took Ara's hands down.
Looking at one another, he took off his jacket,
and placed it over Ara's head, then, touched her fringe with his hand, making me remember most of the song's lyrics "Gentle eyes... I'll protect you from the wind and the rain..."

In the middle, there was an NG, where Yunho had placed the jacket over Ara's head and because he didn't manage to estimate the height difference well enough, he accidentally covered Ara's small face.
Yunho laughed so loudly like a kid.

Then again, there's a part that made everyone laugh.
The minute the Director had shouted "Cut!", Yunho took Ara's right hand and swung the water away from Ara's hand.
It was too funny to explain.
This made the fans laugh.... So cute.
(Yunho's small actions are really... "small")

Today before filming, I was quite worried for him.
Heard from the staff that there was gonna be a raining scene.
Yunho was filming it for the first time, and there were so many things to get done.
Like drowning in the water, being under the rain,
but once it started, i felt relieved.
The rain didn't reach Yunho but was just behind Ara.
It seems like Ara felt it.
Yunho didn't have much reaction.
So everyone was rather relieved.
Should thank the staff, maybe because the drama is filmed this way,
but after all, they didn't really ask Yunho to stand under the rain,
this made us all feel completely relieved.

In Japan, there's a huge amount of work.
And then coming back to Korea, the situation was like this, filming till late at night.
Yunho... tough right?
During rest time, Yunho went into the van and slept for awhile.
Tomorrow, there's going to be an outdoor scene.
Seoul's summer is really hot.
Yunho looks rather tan, of course, it's a healthy skin tone which makes everyone love you more,
but also heart-breaking....

You should be in the car resting now.
I'm going home~
Concentrate well during filming!
Tomorrow's filming Hwaiting!
Bong Goon Fighting!

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