Thursday, September 17, 2009

[PHOTOS] Sungje & Jaejoong

OMO bcoz i love them i made this..
they're soooo pretty!!!
my jae i have two hearts now...plz forive me >.<

Author's Note: The Jaejoong look-a-like's name is Sunjae and we're comparing his looks with our JJ ♥

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AmaliaSyukrina said...

u're pairing jae wif who??

just wanna know~ ;3

Anonymous said...

he his kim sungje from choshinsung a.k.a supernova...i knew them from our article
i search bout their info,,and i see this guy...pretty like jaejoongie hehehehe...


---- said...

Who's that guy??
Is he an artist also or juz a normal guy??

He really does looks like Jaejoong oppa~

SoulOfNote~ said...

he sungje from cho shin sung ... not solo but group ..