Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[Trans]090907 Soulmate Talk Music Japan: The Highest Application In Music Japan History!

Nearly 90% of NHK Hall was filled with TVXQ fans. The whole place was dyed in red with the TVXQ penlights!!
In fact, this time, MJ view application number was more than 79,000 which was the highest in MJ history!

We fans enjoyed the fluent Japanese words from JJ and YC @ Music Japan.

JJ: “Although we have performed at Area in the past,
it was the first time for us to perform at the dome,
I was worried if the place would be filled.”

JJ: “But a lot of people come and I was impressed and moved.”

About a new song.

JJ: “When we were talking about showing our solo performances at the dome,
we asked if we could do as a duo not as a solo?”

JJ: “Then we formed a unit!”

JJ: “Two of us wanted to make a music piece to be able to sing together with our fans!”

YC “I made harmony and a melody was made by JJ.” (?!)

JJ: “Hahaha, it is as simple as that.”

JJ: “YC is harmony and I am a melody.” lol.

MC: “JJ is harmony, and YC a melody?” lol.

YC: “No it is reverse!”. lol.

MC: “Please leave your message to your fans”.

They looked at each other wondering who is to speak.

JJ: “There must be fans here who could not come to Tokyo Dome.
Then, for those of you, it is the fist time for you to hear our song.”

JJ: “Please enjoy hearing it here today. “

YC looked like he did not know what to say.

YC: “Though the fire seems to be hot, I will do my best.”

There was the pillar with the fire torch on the stage. ^^

Then they sang…….

They exchanged an eye contact with each other many times.

When they finished singing, they turned to the left side and vowed and waived hands
then they turned to the right side and vowed and waved. They looked very cute together.

Once again, I was reminded that I love them too much.
I will always love you~~~TVXQ!!


Source: Japanese fans
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Credit: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }