Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[Trans] 090914 JJ & YC’s Testimony -Junsu Disappeared Quickly After Composing A Music, “Shelter”-

he such an expert!!LOL junsuyaaaa... ^___^

J: When I was composing a music in my room, suddenly Junsu entered the room; and said,

“As for the beginning of this song, isn’t this good?”

And he began to sing the begging part of the song and taped it
and left the room right after that. ^^

As it happened so quickly, I thought,

“Oh? What was that? !” ^^

But then when I heard the song which was sang by Junsu, it was really good,
and thus the composition has become, “made by Junsu and Jejung.” lol

Reporter: lol. It was an intrusion victory by Junsu.

JJ: Isn’t it? (A witty smile)

Not only that, when Yuchon and I were recording in Japan,
Junsu went back to Korea,
so we could not interact with each other at the studio.
I thought,

“Oh, what?! Junsu went back to Korea?” lol

Reporter: It sounds like Junsu.

YC: It really is, isn’t it?!

(T/N): Since I loved the news Diana posted for us yesterday,
I looked around and found the source of the news and translated the part of it.^^
The rumor is that Junsu had a family trip in Korea with his family right after a-nation 09.
So, the reason for him to hurry back to Korea might have been to join his family.
I can just picture Junsu walking in and out of JJ’s room, leaving his beautiful singing voice with his great song behind.
How lucky these guys are to have each other who are all so talented! ^^

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