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[Trans] "Songs" JaeChun Interview

Part 1

Achieving huge success during their Tokyo Dome Concert, Tohoshinki was also very energetic during A-nation. Amongst the 5 of them appeared the Special Project Unit, Jejung and Yuchun! Their natural message song, "Colors~Melody and Harmony~", and "Shelter", a song that is able to be at the top of the music industry, are the best songs that 2 have composed together. This single is not filled with just the unlimited charm of a singer, but as a composer!!

- "Colors~Melody And Harmony~" is a song that was performed during the Tokyo Dome Live Concert in July right?
YC: The person who first starting composing was Jejung. Then, because we realized that the song was suitable and followed the style of the both of us, we decided to use this as the song for our Tokyo Dome Concert solo. Also, the melody was composed by the both of us. The music of this song is something that we have not tried before and is a song that could only be completed when we are together.
JJ: As TVXQ performs a lot of songs that have the style of a minor department of black (T/N: Didn't quite get that, but I'm guessing it's R&B) so I wanted to compose a song, together with Yuchun, that everyone could enjoy together and a song that we could sing with everybody. As this song that I have previously wrote fits the image this time, we performed it at the Tokyo Dome as Jejung and Yuchun.

- Since the song was written by the both of you, how did you go about composing it?
JJ: Because no matter how busy work was, we had to cough out time to compose so I would first enter the tune into the computer and bring it to the hotel room and continue working on it.
YC: But "Colors~Melody And Harmony~" was a song that was quickly written finished with no stress at all.
JJ: If the person who wrote the song had very complicated thoughts, won't the listener feel the same way as well? However, if the composer has very simple and natural thoughts, then the content that is being shown to the listener is also very simple. Therefore, when we were composing, we were not thinking of very complicating thoughts.

- The both of you have been working together to compose and so far, what do you think of each other?
JJ: I have been criticized very strictly before. After going through a check, I also felt like I have grown a lot at the same time.

- What kind of strict criticism was it?
JJ: For example, "Why is still a song with this kind of feelings? It was like that previously too!"
YC: I was just saying that jokingly. (laughs)
JJ: Even if it was a joke, it was still quite strict. (Laughs) Yuchun is also very straight forward. If it's really good, he'll say "Very Good!" But if he's not happy with it, he would say what I said earlier. (Laughs)

- Then, regarding Yuchun's song, what are your thoughts?
JJ: Didn't he write a song called "Kiss The Baby Sky"? When I first heard that song, I suddenly thought, "Isn't he a genius?" He was able to merge loneliness as well as happiness intro a song, really surprising.
YC: Although the both of us use the same instruments but we come out with different products. Therefore, if I'm lacking something, Jejung would have it and if Jejung is lacking something, I will have it.
JJ: Mm. Yuchun is really good with instruments but in terms of his method of composing songs, it's slightly...
YC: (Laughs aloud) Compared to Jejung, my composing skills are quite lousy. Because I personally like music that is being played from a live band, so we like different styles.

- Then, because it's a rare chance to be interviewing you, can you tell us where does the charisma of each other lie as a singer?
YC: The moment you hear Jejung's sweet voice that you want to melt into, girls will be charmed immediately.
JJ: Thank you. (Laugh) For Yuchun, he has a very cool and handsome voice. It doesn't matter if it's a happy or sad song, he can portray it very well.

Part 2

- Then, for the song "Colors~Melody And harmony~", what emotions did you had when you performed it?
JJ: The only way to sing it well is when we have no troubles. Similarly, the expression and emotions we felt at that time is the most important. When you look at the face of a person you like, you'd naturally show a smile. I performed with that that kind of feeling.
YC: I, too, was very natural and performed without any stress. Just like that, it felt like I was showing the original me. Therefore, when we were performing on stage, we didn't even put on any makeup and went on stage after changing our clothes. (Laugh)
JJ: Saving money, saving money. (Laugh)

- Then, what message are you trying to give out through the lyrics?
YC: Recently, most of the songs have love as their main content and this song's contents is to pass on thanks.
JJ: I especially like this sentence, "Even if it's only for a second, I could make all the tears stop worldwide and change them into smiles."

- Did the both of you harbor this kind of feelings throughout?
JJ: Although I'm not too sure if humans can gain happiness just through a song but I think that those who hear this song will have happy emotions. Especially because this song is a relaxing tune that you can hear anytime and that is why when everyone wake up in the morning, please listen to this song while you are in the tram or bus. If it's like that, the streets might appear differently.
YC: I, too, in the morning would sit at the coffee shop and listen to music while I eat bread. If I happen to have eye contact with anyone, even if it's a stranger, I would still greet them. I would feel better afterwards.
JJ: There was this day, while I was listening to music at night, a mosquito landed on my wrist. I was thinking, "Ah, this mosquito can only live for a short period of time. Then, it's okay if I let it suck some of my blood."

- (Laughs) Even incidents like this are being treated with a caring attitude?
JJ: Right. It's all thanks to the song that me, myself even turned caring. (Laughs)

Part 3

- Next, you used the phrase "Colors" in your title...
JJ: Are you asking us what color we like? Okay, let's say it together. 1, 2, Black!
YC: White!

- If that's the case, it seems like you have been asked this a lot of times in interviews. Then, let me ask something else that is related to colors. Are the colors for the both of your rooms the same?
JJ: Ah~ This question has a lot of meaning. If you keep asking the same thing, the readers will find it annoying. By changing the thinking methods of the question, it seems more interesting.

- Thank you (Laughs). Then, please answer the question.
YC: For me, I have a lot of black shelves that contain red wine. All of them are designed by me but the cleaning up part might be slightly difficult. (Laugh)
JJ: For my room, the colors are in a mess. (Laugh)
YC: Not just the colors, the interior is also in a mess. (Laugh) This morning, when I went to Jejung's room after I woke up, I had helped to clean his room a little but his clothes are all one the bed, like a small mountain. (=_=|||)
JJ: If you want to clean it up, then you have to tidy the bed first. But, after cleaning for a little white, you won't want to do it anymore. That is why, I would run to Yuchun's room to sleep with him at night.

- (Laugh) Then, let me just ask, which room are the instruments and other things that you use to compose songs situated in?
YC: It would be goof is we had some but we don't have any in the Japan dormitory. But, I really want to build a recording schedule in Japan for us only.
JJ: When will it come true?

- Look forward to it then. Next, can you please introduce the next song "Shelter"?
YC: This song, is a song that I want to challenge the most amongst all the songs that Jejung has composed.
JJ: From the starting until the A, B, different melodies, it has a sort of dark and heavy feelings but after that, the rhythm speeds up and it feels happier. I hope everyone will look forward to this magical change.

- What message is incorporated in the lyrics?
JJ: My world can't do without you. You might not know me, but I will always pay attention to your happenings. It's a song that sounds like a stalker. (Laughs) For example, the other person might not know who you are but so long as that person is alive, you will gain a lot of strength and courage. Isn't there such incidents? We live for this and this song is sung with thankful feelings.
YC: The supposed thankful feelings are actually quite similar to "Colors~Melody And Harmony~". However, "Colors" is very innocent and sweet where "Shelter" is a song full of musical characteristics.

- It is indeed a single that sends the deep meaning of music that the both of you have. Then, the two songs are very perfect and soothing, could you please tell us the secret that the both of you have in order to sing so well?
JJ: Because I feel that so long as you like it, no matter what, you can do it and keep on working hard. But, I think, even if you don't have the right techniques, it doesn't matter. Because you like it, you will continue working hard and there would definitely produce good results. Because I was tone-deaf when I was in Secondary school, my singing was very lousy at that time but I didn't care and continued practicing.
YC: Coming from our message, harboring imagination, use your own true feelings to portray the contents of the song. Everyone can try it!

JJ: Everyone, please, as sweetly, as detailedly, as quickly, perform the song "Colors~Melody And Harmony~". Even if there are no lyrics, it's also fine to just sing "Lalala". So I hope that everyone can sing this song with a relaxed and natural feeling.
YC: You have to sing it with the feeling of cleaning up your room! (Laugh)
JJ: Right. (Laugh) "Now, somewhere, there is someone cleaning up~"
YC: (Laughs aloud) I think that as compared to singing it awesomely, it is more important to sing it while you're relaxed and sitting. Please whistle, and use a happy feeling to sing this.

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