Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[Trans] 090908 Yunho & Lee Yoon Ji's Nervous CPR Scene

MBC drama series "Heading To The Ground"'s male lead, TVXQ's Yunho (real name Jung Yunho) and actress Lee Yoon Ji gave an enthusiastic performance during the scene where they had to do artificial respiration.

On the 5th, Yunho had to act as Cha Bong-goon at the Han River, where he was lamenting about his ex-girlfriend getting married, to Yeon Yi (T/N: Lee Yoon Ji), and he falls into the Han River after trying to do a header with a soccer ball while talking.

As Bong-gun was about to drown, he shouted "Help me!", and Yeon Ji who saw this, went to his rescue and performed artificial respiration.

During the rehearsal, Lee Yoon Ji and Yunho were shy, but they were very focused on acting, and the production was completed flawlessly.

Reporter: Chan So Yun
Source: [edaily + chosunonline]
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